You & Me - cast in 925 Sterling silver.

The body parts of the Scrappies are inspired by everything that can be found in a scrapyard: Old bolts and nuts, rusty coils, pipes, parts of ball bearings, tin cans, and more. The figurines are cast in minute detail, including "rust holes" and traces of an alleged "welding". The scrap metal look gives the characters their own special, irresistible charm.

Each of the pendants is individually and uniquely created in a complex manufacturing process:

It all begins with a digital 3D design which is then used to build a wax model. The wax model is created layer by layer on a special 3D wax printer. The wax model is used to produce a negative, heat-resistant shell around the wax.

Heat is applied to the outer shell such that the wax melts out and leaves room for liquid silver to be poured in. Finally, the shell has to be destroyed to take the finished object out.