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    Stylized ... style...

    Since I'm not quite sure how to put what I'm looking for in keywords and am thus having a hard time searching for it online I turn to you magnificent folks with a request:

    I realize that style is not something I ought to be worried about at this stage and that it will come on it's own accord at some point in the future. But also know that it is a result of drawing what you love and being influenced by other artists and their styles etc.

    Thing is I've been really bad at bookmarking or taking down the names of the artists that I love, so my request is if you guys could just tell me a couple of names that come to mind so I look them up and hopefully learn something from their drawings.

    The style of drawings / paintings that I love most are the ones that are heavily stylized in a comedic kind of way. Monkey Island comes to mind, Disney as well, some pixar / Dreamworks movies like "Up"...

    Also if you know of any tutorials or books that deal with a more comicy style that would be awsome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kweckduck View Post
    Monkey Island comes to mind,
    Because the original was so stylized...
    Stylized ... style...

    Anyway in more serious answer, French, Italian and Franco-Belgian comics come to mind. Stuff like Asterix and Obelix, Skydoll, Monster Allergy, Dragon Hunters (though this one is an animation..) etc etc... if you ever manage to get to Stockmann Akateeminen in Helsinki, go raid their French comics section (I don't know if they have that in somewhere else) and buy some you like, even if you don't understand the texts.
    Also this place features many artists:

    However, again I really wouldn't try to find tutorials about this. I would rather just study and do copies of the images of the artists you like, trying to understand how and what they choose to stylize and compare that to what you know from the realistic stuff (like, what parts of the lips does the artist emphasize or even draw) because a lot from that stuff comes from understanding the real thing, and you can't get that from a tutorial.

    Also some of Frazetta's comical poster work might be to your liking too.
    Stylized ... style...
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    How about Mad magazines of the past and now. Guys like Jack Davis and Mort Drucker. Tutorials help you work like someone else so you also need to jus look and learn.

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    hnggh I love the very first Monkey Island, I loved those closeups they're amazing *0*

    The first and second Monkey Islands (that were pixelated) were remade, I still prefer the original on the first one, but the second one, they did a really good job on the stylisation

    The remade one from the 1st game looks very wobly in my opinion
    Attachment 1454810

    By the way OP, this artist worked for the..newest games of monkey island, you can see his work he has a lot of stylyzed stuff I just thought you might be interested C:
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    Hey, let's be accurate with such a classic. The original pixel art looked more like this:

    Stylized ... style...

    EDIT: Actually I'm not so sure! It seems there was 2 versions of the game graphic... 16 color and 256 color version. Quite amazing that they would do two whole sets!
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    Ahh... the good old days.
    I actually meant Monkey Island 3, I suppose I should have mentioned that:
    Stylized ... style...

    But a good bunch of tips already.
    More names spring to mind?

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    Copying some 3d animations might help a lot, I mean the well done ones.

    Kungfu Panda is awesome. Get the art book if you can, Nicolas Marlet is one of the best character designers out there.

    Tangled is really good too. It has just kickass design and 3d.

    It might be a much better idea than drawing from old Disney movies, because it helps you see the characters in terms of form rather than shape. I mean, all the old disney masters start out their drawings with simple geometric forms, but it kinda gets obscured in the coloring and all that with 2D animation.

    You might like Kirk Shinmoto too. Used to be one of my instructors. Easily one of the best figure drawing craftsmanship I've ever seen. And his stylized stuff is funny as hell.

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