E.O.W Round #185: At the Banks of the Glowing River - (Winner: bara)

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  • Portagee Man-O-War

    7 8.54%
  • Incinerated

    1 1.22%
  • Harmageddon

    1 1.22%
  • Mhugo

    23 28.05%
  • Trespasser

    6 7.32%
  • Pixeltuner

    6 7.32%
  • Edward B

    11 13.41%
  • Ruri

    1 1.22%
  • revenebo

    5 6.10%
  • kwshutt

    3 3.66%
  • hekatoncheir

    7 8.54%
  • Metallurgist

    0 0%
  • Flame Unquenchable

    0 0%
  • android411

    9 10.98%
  • CassandreBolan

    9 10.98%
  • StevieMac

    5 6.10%
  • Aardvaark

    0 0%
  • zephyri

    12 14.63%
  • limbox

    0 0%
  • AdrianNagorski

    1 1.22%
  • najtkriss

    10 12.20%
  • silarvalla

    4 4.88%
  • Syle

    0 0%
  • Yatzenty

    35 42.68%
  • Kdillon

    1 1.22%
  • Dkmaster

    0 0%
  • antipersonnel

    2 2.44%
  • Corrick

    36 43.90%
  • bara

    37 45.12%
  • Dscreet

    0 0%
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    E.O.W Round #185: At the Banks of the Glowing River - (Winner: bara)

    E.O.W Round #185: At the Banks of the Glowing River

    TOPIC = At the Banks of the Glowing River
    suggested by albino-Z


    There is something enchanting about this place, whether it's source of illumination is magical, spiritual, technologically produced - or perhaps it is a creation of nature itself.

    Not really a brief with guidelines to follow, just some thoughts.


    Portagee Man-O-War



    At the banks of the glowing river of An-run, the local wild elves need to hunt for will-o-wisps to ascend to adulthood. Obviously, these are not easy to catch. The lights can easily hypnotize a person. To combat this, the elves eat a mixture of sacred herbs that render them somewhat immune to the will-o-wisps hypnotizing effects. The drawback, or some would say, challenge, is that the herb mixture itself causes hallucinations, providing the elves with quite a challenge indeed.


    Magical, subterranean river.


    "The river of gold"


    Edward B

    Underwater glowing river system.


    Unique in the universe, The River is a tiny super-dense star emitting a stream of matter that does not conform to known laws of physics. Around this stream are six rock formations, or "arches". Some evidence suggests these arches are not natural, but were artificially constructed at some point in the distant past. Over time, many peoples and cultures have settled on the arches, drawn by the mysteries of The River.




    Went a little more loose with interpretation for river. River of lighttttt.


    Flame Unquenchable



    The backstory is based around Monet's waterlilies at his Giverny garden (I have a fine art background- I couldn't resist). To underline the sacredness this place has aquired and to push the fantasy aspect I threw in some magical glowing koi fish!

    "Monet at Midnight







    River cave with some kind of shrine where they worship, well, river.


    I went with a sorta techno-ruin in the jungle that has irradiated the water or something.


    This is sort of a cascading volcanic river of some sort.


    So here is mine. I know, it's bit Avatar, but hey, it is my version of it and its not on Pandora If you like you can join for a swim, I think it would be great!


    A glowing river whose origin is a strange tree with a spring that resembles the giving hands of a goddess. They say that the star-like glow of the river comes from the spirit of the constellation Aquarius. The tradition is that the people of this village, in the spirit of the water bearer, carry vessels of water to nearby regions to help them out. They believe that generosity blesses the water - as long as they use it for good purposes, the mystical looking water will remain abundant.




    Every year at spring the people come to the river, each lighting a lantern in prayer. They say the first lantern taken by the water spirit is the first prayer to be answered, but that's silly... everyone knows they're answered all at once.




    Vote for your favorite entries!

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    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week
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    Cassandra had my favorite, mood, color, dead on with the topic, but there were so many really good entries this week.

    As always loved Corricks color and scheme, Mhugo was great, as was Heka, Android, Najtkriss, Yatzenty great first showing, Bara, antipersonnel, all at the top of my list.

    As I said earlier, so many great entries, thanks to all who participated this week with your submissions, I always take something away from these challenges, such inspiring company to be in.

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