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Thread: Going backwards

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    Unhappy Going backwards

    Hey ca,
    i hope this is the right place for the topic.
    Lately I feel like I am regressing in my artistic skills. Especially in digital art it's feeling really worse. while i was sketching a lot with graphite lately and also felt like i improved there, my digital works keep getting worse instead of better.
    I feel like my brain currently can't take much of new information, like it's refusing to learn new techniques!

    at least i also feel like it doesn't help me when i make colour studies from photos. when i want to draw some digital work from my mind i just still can't handle colours, lights and shadows right.

    of course i don't think that I'll ever become pro, but I'd just be happy to improve. now i just got the feeling that i am going backwards.
    i just wanted to know if some of you guys have experienced the same. why this happenes and also if it passes. i'm just feeling very discouraged right now.

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    This was posted on forum before. I think it shows learning process well. Pay attention to orange line.

    Going backwards

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    Yeah, I had similar experiences while in school, and still do sometimes. You're probably getting better at seeing the problems in your own work, and your taste is improving with time, so it feels like you're doing worse. That, and as you learn, you're experimenting with newer things. Failure is a big part of that process. Embrace it- those countless failures are crucial to getting better. Be smart, and try to figure out exactly what you've done wrong so you can avoid it the next time.

    It feels like running against a wall constantly for weeks or months... and once in a great while, you'll notice a sudden jump in your skills. Then you spend the next few months struggling and repeat. It's painful if you only care about the end result, and exhilarating if you love the learning process and the struggle.

    Working from imagination will come with time and lots of practice, especially life drawing. When you do your studies, don't mindlessly copy- be smart and analyze what you're doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lux_Aeterna View Post
    at least i also feel like it doesn't help me when i make colour studies from photos.
    I don't see very many colour studies from photos in your sketchbook. I usually do three at a time, just blocking things in quickly and not spending a lot of time blending.

    Here's one set I posted: just so you can see the level of finish I take studies to. They are fairly rough.

    When you work on something like a colour study, I think it's best to put your time into observation and putting the colours down. Otherwise you are spending most of your time on blending and making things smooth and only getting a fraction of the practice in choosing the colours.
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    Yep...welcome to art. Did someone accidently tell you it was going to be easy?

    That chart Farvus posted is really good and pretty accurate to the way it works...and it never ends.

    Your sketchbook looks fine - just keep at it. My only recommendation is to work much more from life with traditional media and with a traditional approach (not is small sketchbooks). That means at an easel, larger drawing from the shoulder, simple, well lit still life forms, etc. Focusing on drawing fundamentals will inform the rest of your work and provide a foundation to build on.
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