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    BULLiT's book - learning to draw!

    I am self taught, never got any with my art so I spent hours on end just drawing and this is where I will display them for all eyes to see! However I would like some advice, at a cost because my skill hasn't improve for a long time and crits! ):

    Bit of background about me:

    1) As of 2012 I have started my art gcse (year 10), however ever since I could pick up a pencil I have been drawing!

    2) In the recent years my art has improved dramatically, but my I am struggling to improve.
    I do all my pencil work with a HB pencil ):

    3) I love drawing landscapes (in watercolout), human (in pencil) and fantasy/concept (mixture). However I do flicker between what I draw. Here are my sketches, show from oldest to newest:
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    Extra work

    Here are some new images found from one of my older sketch books:

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    Hey there. This is a good start,so now you just need to keep at it for a few thousand drawings more!

    In terms of my tools now and when I started, a lot of it is the same, but you also tend to increase your arsenal as you progress.

    My first piece of advice is always this. Forget about detail, the thing you need to concentrate on first is getting to grips with form and light, because anything you look at can be broken down into a basic volume, the space it occupies. So look at things in those terms, what shadow does it cast and later you can start looking at reflected light as it bounces around surfaces. That's how advanced painters can really communicate the kind of surface you're looking at, be it silver of dark cloth.

    As far as tools go, I'm going to suggest you initially just soldier on using a pen or pencil. I abandoned pencils for close to ten years and drew mostly with a black pilot V5 roller-ball, which gave me a lot of confidence in putting lines down. Ball points are good, but because they're pressure dependent, you might find yourself tearing a sheet of paper apart getting the line right. So my suggestion will be to get a black roller ball of some sort and a stack of white copy paper. Then you start drawing, and once you're done with a sheet, you put it away and forget about it. Put them all face down in a drawer. Then at the end of the stack, you get another stack and keep at it some more, because every piece you do, you'll learn something and be a little better, but leaving your previous work around tends to slow this learning process(we bask in our past achievements and this slows us down).

    Draw sketchy, it doesn't matter how clean something is, make a mess, but try and find the broad lines that make up a shape, be it a building of a human figure. Don't clutter too many shapes on a page, paper's cheap, so keep drawing, you'll learn to attack a clean sheet without fear of making mistakes, because there are no mistakes. This is another thing you'll learn working in ink over pencil. An eraser's too much of a safety net, so leave that thing at home.

    I hope this all helps. Good luck and get cracking!

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    Thank you, Flying Dutchman! That is great and much appriacated. This has made my day. I will continue to post on this though!

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