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  • Eclectix

    4 6.35%
  • diheb1

    1 1.59%
  • calamity

    2 3.17%
  • VegasMike

    5 7.94%
  • Pixeltuner

    34 53.97%
  • sozo

    17 26.98%
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Thread: C.O.W. #253, living interplanetary vessel. VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #253, living interplanetary vessel. VOTING!

    C.O.W. #253 living interplanetary vessel_Voting!



    Topic: living interplanetary vessel

    Deadline for the voting: April 4th

    Requirements this week...

    - the creature must be able to travel through outer space, and land on planets.

    - the creature must be able to hold, enclose, and protect smaller air breathing creatures from the vacuum of space. You don't need to depict the small species, but you can.

    - the creature must be 100% biological.
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    Artist: Eclectix

    Concept: Zoetacellum

    This alien creature slowly assimilates entire civilizations of other life forms by making them dependent upon it for survival. It slowly enslaves the unwitting host race by improving and replacing their existing technology until they no longer know how to live without it. In the form of helpful symbiotic biotechnology, it mingles itself with the host organisms until there is nothing left of the hosts' original genetic make up or their culture except that which the alien organism deems useful for its own purposes.

    This illustration shows one of the interstellar transports which the alien organism can fashion itself into to transport host races from star to star, where it often tricks them into waging war on other cultures. Its typical strategy is to then cause the attacking host race to lose the war it tricked them into fighting. This way the victorious new race takes the alien "biotechnology" as one of the spoils of war, thus allowing it to seamlessly infect a new unsuspecting civilization.

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    Artist: DiHeB

    Concept: Air Balls Carrier
    After decades of experimentation, inhabitants from planet "Wormoon" succeeded in combining genetic information from different species to generate this conveyor creature. Wormies (Wormoon inhabitants) board this creature ,making a hole in its air-filled membrane balls and going inside. After that, this membrane regenerates, keeping wormies isolated from outer space. During journey,the "Air Balls Carrier" fasten its balls with its hands to avoid jolting that could damage passangers.

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    Artist: calamity

    Concept: Sub-Astral Syrphoid
    The Syrphoid family of insects were developed in the geno labs of Austros prime. The unusually low gravity of the planet enabled the geno scientists to experiment with lighter than air bio-transport to achieve orbital positions. Whilst developing these craft, scientists noticed an unusual ability of one of the sub-species to phase out of its holding containers and reappear some distance away.
    After observation it was noted that the creatures used a latent psychic jolt to create a jump point into warp space re-emerging at a pre-known point. Centuries later Austrans use Astral Syrphoids predominantly for its space travel needs. The example shown is a light version where the Navalign is connected to the primary brain functions of the creature via an umbilicus also connected by sub-spline is the Navaligns child. Such training flights are common within the Nav families and are used for the shorter interplanetary runs. The flotation sacs that surround the legs deflate at space pressure.

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    Artist: Vegasmike
    Concept: Flying Space Frog

    The Flying Space Frog is an interesting vessel for planetary travel. They jump high into the atmosphere using there wings to fly beyond the planet's gravitational pull. The species has a large fluid filled sack that protects its egg to be laid on the next planet. Passengers are injected into this sack through the nose and rest in suspended animation until they arrive and emerge when the egg is laid. The green way to travel!
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    Artist: Pixeltuner

    Concept: Rectus Flatulus Giganticus

    Giant anus-propelled biological spacecraft. Tail for transporting, small bags for liftoff and steering and big ones for interstellar treval. See wip-thread for 'schematics'
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    Artist: sozo

    Concept: Abalore
    A genetically engineered space vessel
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    I vote for Pixeltuner is the only creature that looks like is able to land and take off...
    I am out of this race My opinion is that most people who participate and votes do not take seriously the topic, how can we arguing about the description??? The topic says it must be able to land and this is it. Think if you had to do this for a company and that will tell you this topic?? what you tell them, that they think too much about the topic and you should do what you think is best ??? That is not right. The creature must be able to land, which means it's a lifestyle and that means the creature do that often and its construction should be the same, What is with the Apollo rocket thing related, Apollo rocket break up into pieces to land. And can not work for a living creature, the creature must be built to land, this means that it must have protection to reentry (the protection may be the same as the Space Shuttle Columbia), must have a system to slowdown and a landing system, all this give shape to the creatures, But for some time now not all the rules of threads are respected we vote the most beautiful illustration not the most realistic and ingenious creature and that is not right
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    There are so few entries this round... =(

    I ended up voting for sozo because it appealed the most to me visually, but in hindsight I probably should have voted for pixeltuner since one of the requirements was the capability to take off and land on a planet...

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    I voted for Pixeltuner because it follows more closely to the description of the topic concept. And wow, those are some juicy anus' my boy lol. Props go to Eclectix for the dramatic finish as well as sozo for the solid values.

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    Too bad there are so few entries this round.
    personally, I was busy with other things and thought this was a very hard topic.
    Then again, quite a few people picked up the challenge, so kudos to all of you.
    I saw in the WIP thread that many thought the challenge lasted 1 day longer.

    Anyway, voting is hard this round too. Dubbing between pixeltuner and vegasmike.
    Many entries don't seem they can lift off at all. Even pixeltuner's assbeast would have to have pretty bad gas to get off the ground, let alone escape a planet's gravity field.
    I think vegasmikes creature has a chance to get into outer space, but would probably burn up upon re-entry, killing all the smaller aliens in one big fiery ending.
    Sozo's looks like a spaceship, that would not be able to land or take off at all. It would however work fine in space. As a spaceship.
    The same goes for Eclectix and diheb1's entries. I can see them flying in space, but takeoff or land? Eclectix's alien could crashland, fair enough. An diheb1, I just can't see a frog jumping beyond a planet's gravity field.
    Finally, calamity's work does provide an explanation (the creature evolved on a low-gravity planet) but then again I can only see it land safely on other low-gravity worlds.
    No vote from me yet. I'm thinking about it.
    " had the serene look in it's eyes of a creature that realizes it's a tube on legs..." ~ Terry Pratchett

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    voted for sozo.. esthetically the best. Color and bg could use some work though, looks rushed. But trust me i know how hard it is to keep up having a full time job for instance

    anyway, waiting to see some more awesome topics maybe ill be able to join too
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    Just wondering... did the poll go up before the deadline?

    There's several creatures back on the last page of the WIPs thread that were left out this way.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't something gone amiss here?

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