Hi everyone!

At this point, I've pretty much decided to go to attend SCAD's MFA animation program this fall (or next spring, it's still pending). I'm really excited about it, but I really wanted to talk to some of the students attending currently in the animation department about some of the professors and classes.

-Is it true that the 2d animation classes are better for learning animation than the 3d courses?

-I've been reading up on these courses like the ANIM 750-752 Industry Insight/Off Campus over the business in LA and Japan. What are these classes like?

-Also, what is the Graduate Internship course like? Is it a class that should be taken by itself in the quarter?

-Is there any particularly amazing professors I should look out for?

My animation education at my undergraduate school (which will not be named) was kind of lukewarm, which is why I've decided to return to school and beef up my portfolio (and get my MFA). I've looked into Animation Mentor and a bunch of other schools, and I've read pretty much all the reviews ever written about SCAD and I just feel like this is the school for me. I really want to make the most of my next few years here, so any advice you can lend me will help!