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    Please take a look at my portfolio

    Hello my name is Donald Wu and I am a freelance illustrator working in children's publishing. I am considering branching off into concept work and so I would greatly appreciate any feedback and input on my portfolio. Some questions I'm asking myself are; Is my style viable for this market? I see work done in a very slick and sleek "digitally" rendered style, which was what I was trying to get away from doing children's illustrations. Now I'm wondering whether if that was a good choice. And in general, what are things I should concentrate and emphasize on as I continue to build my portfolio? Right now my focus is on character designs cause I think that needs work. Besides that what else?

    Thank you for your time.

    Donald Wu

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    Im no professional but having that traditional look isnt something you should just throw away, try to incorporate it into your "design" work for your portfolio if your thinking of going into the more conceptual side of art- your work looks amazing though, maybe you should just keep working as an illustrator? - peace.

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