Hi guys,

I have been a long time lurker but have never actually got round to sorting out some serious input. Well its not quite a new year but it is time to put on a fresh pair of boxers and mingle. So I thought I would get things off of the ground with a sketchbook. Seeing as these things are about improvement and all I would be incredibly grateful with any C&C that is coming, and I will try and return the favour as best I can.

I'll kick things off with 3 quite varied images I guess:

Attachment 1445236
Observational painting from photo.

Attachment 1445238
Painting of a wanderer/ bedouin... Inspired by Moorcock

Attachment 1445239
3D abstract landscape

Assuming I have done this first post right then you should see something above, if not then pointers would be most appreciated.( I assume attachments are the way to go?)

Is it possible to link to others sources for my images?