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    Devil May Cry 3 Trailer

    Yeah thats right damn it-Haaaaard Cooooooore!!

    Towards the middle to end of the trailer, great fighting action! Even the music is cool. I would of LOVED to work on this game!

    Makes you forget about the second Devil May Cry.

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    My friend Leroy's in cryosleep waiting for this game. It does look fantastic, doesn't it?

    It wouldn't surprise me if he changed his name to Dante.

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    haha, this game seems to have some kind of underground cult following. I liked the first game but well, didn't really understand the whole obbsession some people have with it.
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    The attraction or obession as you put based mainly on the very well exicuted gameplay. Not too many games, mainly American games consintrate a lot of their efforts on the actual combat. And this game gave us what we wanted. Good..Quality..Gameplay. Not to meantion the BadArse, Cheezy yet, funny Main character. The game had actual style!!! and Bosses you just wanted to beat down. Especially that bastard spider that just would stop coming that was quality.

    Oh well..but, for those who could get past the camera none of that matters at all.

    The camera worked well for me.


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