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  • Monsieur-Beefy

    3 27.27%
  • Ffanatic

    3 27.27%
  • Kamiru

    2 18.18%
  • continue

    9 81.82%
  • Ninja Adi

    3 27.27%
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    Teen Challenge 155: Death of Medusa - Voting

    Voting for Teen Challenge 155: Death of Medusa

    WIP/brief thread can be found here.

    Deadline is Monday 19th of March, 23:59 GMT
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    available for work!

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    @Monsieur-Beefy: I honestly like the second b&w pic a lot more.The finished pic lacks motion and the colors could have looked better.In fact I don't see 2 or more light sources there.

    Attachment 1444673
    The blood need some fixing but I'm too lazy.
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    I love the blood color, Monsieur-Beefy.

    Here is my piece, maybe is edit this post later today if I change something.

    EDIT: thanks for the tips, continue.
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    Anyway, here it goes. Good round! I'm rather inspired the legend that Perseus got a reflective shield from Athena, anyway, this is not really much of a reflective shield as a laser-shooting shield. But lol, it looks kinda cool. Last time I'll ever be able to do TG as well, turning 20 in just a few days hahaa.

    I'm really impressed by your improvement Kamiru, really cool lighting on the snakes and the face! My critiques would be, adding some red light on the underside of her brow ridge would add a lot of atmosphere. Turning down the extreme bright values in her eyes and adding some stronger highlights in the eyes would also help a lot! From what it looks like, her eyes have red highlights in the upper half, but if the green light is coming from above, wouldn't they be green? In this case, you can add both red highlights and green lights, you know, makes for nice expression.

    Thanks for the crit in the other thread BTW, bright light is da way to go!

    @Ffanatic: Very nice texture on the snakes! Very dynamic too! Maybe the front of the blade could use some more hard edge?

    @Monsieur-Beefy:I love the character design, both the Medusa and the snakes look very MEAN! Perseus looks a bit out of the place, but yeah, it's tough as hell to resolve it.

    Attachment 1444753

    Attachment 1444754
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    Very nice work everyone!

    Monsieur Beefy Very nice poses man, and that Medusa really looks evil.
    Ffanatic Great use of motion blur and lighting - the snakes look especially 3D.
    Kamiru Very nice atmosphere in your picture, it shows the death of medusa as a more solemn and sad affair, rather than something so action packed.
    continue Really nice; I especially like the pose medusa has, and the tiny details, like the skulls!

    I wish I had more time on this, Perseus looks really rough and the lighting isn't as slick as I'd like it to be.. However, I really enjoyed this topic, it allowed me to work on a theme which I loved since a very young age!

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    Poll´s up! Happy voting!

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