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    Sorry if i posted on the wrong thread or anything im new here and it said off-topic so maybe i can ask around this part of the forum

    Im an rookie Concept artist
    I was wondering i saw alot of Jobs but require some Experience for 1-2 years
    So i wondered if jobs for concept artist needed experience how do i get experience? sorry if this question sounds a bit stupid or something

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    You get experience by making art and job experience by making art for someone else.

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    Also you shouldn't think that your first job in the industry should/would be concept artist (which is probably one of the most sought out jobs). You can start as say, a junior game artist/post production artist and move up the ladder and gain experience in the field until you have the skills and experience to get a job as a concept artist.
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    and btw my parents say(im a minor) there's no money in fine arts
    do you honestly believe that?

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    There's money in fine arts, but no financial security unless you get really good and/or lucky. Going in that direction will most likely require you to take on an unrelated side job, at least in the beginning (or perhaps even always).

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    Going into fine arts is immensely difficult but it's possible. You can't just suddenly be a fine artist straight out of school; you would have to work on your art while working a normal job, and after years of creating and promoting, if you're lucky you'll get some recognition and maybe even a bit of pay. The same could be said for concept art, but to a lesser degree because there is more demand that (I would think, I can't say that as a fact).

    As for getting experience, if you are very talented you may be able to get an internship, but more than likely you may have to do free or low pay work for somebody's home 'game studio' project. It's pretty easy to find people who need help, just search for game design forums. It's not always fun, but if you don't yet have the skills to work in house or get steady freelance work, it might be a good idea to experience to some degree how the flow of game creation works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emiya24 View Post
    and btw my parents say(im a minor) there's no money in fine arts
    do you honestly believe that?
    It’s a little harder to do in the fine art field (I prefer the term gallery art) and easier if you work for a company as an artist for an industry like toys, video games, entertainment or product manufacturing. If you can reach a certain skill level then you can make a middle class living as an artist. I know plenty of people that do. I'm talking 60 to 120k a year; but you have to be good enough. If you can get really good you can make double that, I know plenty of people in that range too but it’s obvious that they are so much better than the people around them.

    I also know plenty of people who think they are that good but aren't and they struggle with making ends meet or do art part time. They are at the low end of the spectrum and maybe pull down 10 to 20k a year if they are lucky here in America, which is barely above poverty level.

    These are the people who point to crappy art and say I'm that good but of course it’s not for them to decide it’s for the clients to decide. Most of the time when they get a chance to work, they blow it because the deadline is too tight for them or the art direction is too much or a number of other things that the professionals deal with every day and still manage to make the art to the clients satisfaction that gets them paid and these people can't do it or do it sporadically.

    So your parents are wrong, there are lots of people who probably make as much as they do being an artist, but to do that requires much more dedication and hard work than most people are willing to do, year in and year out. It not the kind of job where you can ever relax and coast. There is no tenure or union protection. You have to be a good business person and you have to be willing to go where the work is and be flexible about the kind of work you do and be talented enough to do more than one kind of art.

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    To echo and add to dpaint's reply, I think you and your parents need to do more research and understand what they mean by "fine art". Auction records are public and available for most fine art auctions, that can give you a sense of the market value for "fine art" and an awareness of what it takes to be in that arena.

    The other thing to research and investigate is the vast number of other visual arts careers...all quite lucrative. Something to be aware of is that virtually everything in today's society that is manufactured has artists/designers at the frond end visualizing the product - cell phones to cars, toys to coffee makers - drills, shoes and camers - pretty much everyhting you can think of. After that plenty more artists are involved in the marketing, packaging and advertising of those products.

    Take a look at today's major motion pictures - watch the credits for Avatar with your folks. Watch a Pixar movie. Disney animated feature, etc. Any video game.

    Anyway, there is another thread going on parallel to this one that may help:Parent Talk. I put a link in that thread to something I wrote up for my students that you can prinit out to help do research and talk over with parents. Good luck!
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