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Thread: Mia failingly arts

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    Nice bridgman studies also try experimenting and expanding with different subject matter and visual library challenge and restrict yourself from doing less fan art and more life drawing you can do it and good luck
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    Great sb so far! I love that skill study sheet idea.
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    @udonhead i have no models that i can use for life drawing, so i'm mostly stuck with photos and what i can get from books xD
    i'll draw different things and expand my subject matter :3

    also, i don't understand what you meant by fanart...all i do is mostly original, i think only 2 and a half pictures in this whole thread were fanart xD

    thank you

    @jinny thank you

    some studies, courtesy of this thread

    Attachment 1539648

    Attachment 1539650

    Attachment 1539652

    Attachment 1539654
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    doodles from tegaki e (i'll finish some of these concepts soon, with proper anatomy and rendering and what have you)

    Mia failingly artsMia failingly artsMia failingly artsMia failingly artsMia failingly artsMia failingly arts

    a WIP of a harpy woman, controller of the death of planets

    Attachment 1539645

    WIP of a commission of a mecha-type character
    i've learned a lot from this so far
    i might even dare and try and do some mechanical stuff studies later today

    Attachment 1539646
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    Woah, awesome works you've got there! 8D
    You style is incredible and the studies (especially the last hands) are very cool looking, too! (Yay for trueform!Castiel and the trenchcoat sketch)
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    Woah, that study chart's a bloody good idea, at this case it's really going to cause a trend. I'll have to make myself one too. With credit to you, of course. I see some nice ideas bouncing around in your sketches too. I'd love to see you take them concepts and put the intoa fully fleshed finished picture, right now they remind me of idea thumbnails, so it seems the natural course of action.
    Anways, keep up the good work!
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    I think you better control the digital and besides, you do very well.
    There are really great job here.
    Congratulations Continue !
    C&C please to help me progress !
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    Some very cool ideas in this sketchbook, I like your progress so far!
    Got a couple minutes? Help me improve!
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    @Heyriel *blushes* you flatter me!

    @Naidy i plan to finish some of them when i come back from Greece (i'm leaving the day after tomorrow) in a week :3

    @Tef yeah, i like digital more because i can see my work surface better. it's easier for me to come up with better composition and all that. maybe if i had an easel it would come as easy irl too xD
    thank you!

    @gmc9987 ah, thank you! i can't believe i progressed, but if you say so i shall believe you!

    not much, just some imagination sketches...

    some character face sketches in different styles:

    Attachment 1541260

    Attachment 1541261

    some idea thumbnails:

    Attachment 1541259

    digital wips (both commissions):

    Attachment 1541253

    Attachment 1541255

    a rune gun, very simple, for an occultist friend:

    Attachment 1541262

    i didn't have time for anything else because packing, and all that!
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    hello lovelies
    i'm back from greece. wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but i had fun. swam so much i fear i might get mold soon. got drunk on the last night and realised liquor tastes foul and that i'm a too-honest-drunk.
    didn't draw much, just doodled with no regard for anything

    i will post later tonight some furniture studies - thank god for ikea catalogues, amirite?-, as well as some anatomy studies

    Attachment 1548668

    Attachment 1548669

    Attachment 1548670

    Attachment 1548671

    trying something new...some kind of architecture drawing...still a newb at those, but i figure that if i take it slow i might end up with something slightly cartoonish but understandable...?

    Attachment 1548672

    logos i did for a friend just after i come back
    he settled for number 3
    number 1 was done after what he sketched for me as a guideline

    1 - Attachment 1548674
    2 - Attachment 1548673
    3 - Attachment 1548675
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    woot, the forums are back!
    so pretty and shiny! i love the new interface!

    i'll upload the sketchbook pages tomorrow when i have good daylight

    for now, some digital works :3 !!!

    in the pearls and pleasure/beads of pleasure series
    2 and 3

    Name:  beads+of+pleasure II.png
Views: 485
Size:  545.9 KBName:  bop3 copy 20120921.png
Views: 438
Size:  559.5 KB

    trying out drawing anime again

    Name:  nina again.png
Views: 318
Size:  228.0 KB

    progress on another comission

    Name:  sshot-1.png
Views: 297
Size:  234.5 KB

    a commission for some guy on deviantart

    Name:  yuri.png
Views: 307
Size:  533.6 KB

    i've tried some watercolours, can't wait to post'em up and do some more!
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    Hi there!
    I really like how there's already some improvement throughout the thread -nodnod- Your anatomy is really good and all, but to be honest I really love your concept drawings (the one with the wonky limbs and stuff) because there's something very expressive about those!

    As for your architectural attempt, the building is really pretty but I definitely recommend adding a vanishing point if you're going to have the little roof-thing of the bottom door come out like that. It'll help you place other elements of the building too.

    Keep up the good work!
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    there iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis? *shiny eyes* i thought i was at a standstill and getting frustrated xD

    i love them too, tbh, because i feel i am more expressive in them, not giving a fuck about anatomy and the like lets me express stuff more emotionally i guess

    will do! thank you! :3

    some old sketches that i decided to watercolour
    Name:  DSC02105.jpg
Views: 279
Size:  291.1 KBName:  DSC02103.jpg
Views: 278
Size:  417.6 KBName:  DSC02106.jpg
Views: 271
Size:  280.3 KBName:  DSC02236.jpg
Views: 274
Size:  316.1 KB

    sloth - 1/7 deadly sins -
    Name:  DSC02242.jpg
Views: 271
Size:  328.2 KB

    Name:  DSC01936.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  349.4 KB

    studies - ikea pillows, drapery, a room
    had some fun with pens and coloured pencils, haven't used those in a while :3

    Name:  DSC02238.jpg
Views: 273
Size:  241.0 KBName:  DSC02244.jpg
Views: 273
Size:  337.3 KBName:  DSC02237.jpg
Views: 276
Size:  308.2 KBName:  DSC02239.jpg
Views: 263
Size:  327.9 KB

    random drawings

    Name:  DSC02243.jpg
Views: 259
Size:  353.3 KBName:  DSC02241.jpg
Views: 277
Size:  409.7 KB
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