In order to start development in 3d with already gathered team of an animation project I`d like the conceptart community to contribute with few concepts.
The idea behind all this is to make a short teaser, just few basic shots, 25-30s.
We`d like to make it like a more `painterish` version of Backwater Gospel.
Dark, dirty colors, photographic composition of each shot. Overall impression should be of something epic with a spice of grotesque.
Teaser is targeted to mature and because of it a little nudity on concepts is welcome.

The missing concepts are:
  1. Ulysses, a 40-50 year old war hero. Charismatic but not in a sterotype way. Weird attributes and original, unique look.
  2. Penelope, a femme fatale, with exagerated sexy outfit (gaga like)
  3. Cyclops a half mechanic, half biologic giant grim creature.
  4. Poseidon, god of the seas, looking ancient oriental and still futuristic steampunk, not human, a superior entity.
  5. Sirens, fatal supernatural beings, inspired by jeffsimpson paintings
  6. Palace of Aeulus, god of the winds.
  7. Ulysses flying ship. Not a hovercraft, not a jetfighter

We`d like to start 3d work as soon as possible. Make us know if any of You tallented people is interrested.