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    A Beginner's Sketch Book (Efflorescence)

    To start, I joined up with DeviantArt for a bit, however it hasn't been working out for me. What I have been looking for is a place I can post my stuff, and get real criticism so I can improve my art. However, there on DA people only say "Good job" or "nice artwork". Sure it's nice to have people say my art is good (though it isn't haha), but I'd much prefer to have some constructive feedback. So anyone who looks at my stuff, you're all more than welcome to jgo all out. Feel free to be as harsh and honest as you'd like, don't be worried about offending me, I can take it. Any bit of advice would be very greatly appreciated.

    I did make this account a bit ago, but I'm actually a little intimidated by all the great talent on this site, a little worried everyone will kick me off the site of something as I'm nowhere near the level of most people on here D:
    But I've been looking around the site, and it seems like the best place I've found so far. People seem to be honest, and help others improve. Not to mention all the great resources. I think having this sketchbook will help to keep me motivated to draw every day and put it on here.

    I'll be uploading my first stuff tomorrow morning. I found an awesome site for figure drawing which I'll be drawing from.
    I'm looking forward to my 'journey' so to speak, to hopefully becoming a half decent artist.

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    I drew all of these by reference from this figure drawing site

    I'm a very slow drawer at the moment D: I wasn't going to upload the animal sketches, but I decided I may as well upload everything, as one day down the track I can look back and (hopefully) see how much I've improved.

    1 30 seconds (Did last night)
    2 30 seconds (Did last night)
    3 30 seconds (Did last night)
    4 3 minutes (Did last night)
    5 5 minutes (Did last night)
    6 5 minutes (Did last night)
    7 10 minutes (Did last night)

    8 5 minutes (Did this morning)
    9 10 minutes (Did this morning)
    10 10 minutes (Did this morning)
    11 15 minutes (Did this morning)
    12 15 minutes (Did this morning)
    13 30 seconds (Did this morning)
    14 30 seconds (Did this morning)
    15 30 seconds (Did this morning)
    16 30 seconds (Did this morning)
    17 30 seconds (Did this morning)

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    I haven't been at my house for the past week or so, and unfortunately have no access at the moment to a camera/scanner. I do however have access to photoshop and a tablet, so I decided to practice my photoshop painting skills, I'm not really sure of what I'm doing. I'm still trying to find my 'style' sort of thing I think. For this picture I used one of my figure drawings in the post above as a base. I am currently working on a few other ones (Occasionally I lose concentration, so I switch to a different picture to continue.) Hopefully I'll have another done by tonight.

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    That is a good website you linked to, I'll be trying that site myself. As for your sketches I think that the lines should be a bit darker, or alternatively take your photos in a well-lit room (I make the assumption that you photographed them) because some of your lines appear really light and are difficult to see.

    Other than that I particularly like the contours on your nude sketches here. However sketch number 11 (the guy with two daggers) is a bit iffy with the foreshortening of his right leg, I wish I could explain it better but I'm not exactly a pro and I'm new to this site myself too.

    Good Luck on the quest for improvement! Can't wait to see some of your other sketches

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    Yeah, I did take photos, I'll keep in mind to make sure to have better lighting. I get what you mean about the foreshortening of the leg, I usually have trouble with that sort of thing. Another thing to practice I suppose. (:

    Thankyou, you too!

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