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Thread: C.O.W. #251, 6 legged albino speedster . WIPs

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    C.O.W. #251, 6 legged albino speedster . WIPs

    Name:  cow rules post 200.jpg
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    For more info and details about the rules go here:


    ROUND #251, 6 legged albino speedster


    ROUND#251, 6 legged albino speedster

    After a 2 weeker, its time to speed back up to a 1 week schedule. And what better way then to do a speed related round.

    This weeks quick little creature is one of the fastest animals in the world that doesn't fly or swim. because it is naturally an albino, it has developed this quickness to avoid extended periods of time moving over areas where it is exposed to the dangerous sun. the reason it is able to run at such extreme speeds (in excess of 100 mph) is because it has 6 legs to propel it faster than the usual quadruped land speedsters.

    The speed and coloring of this creature has earned it the nickname "the white blur".

    really try and show speed in your image to show us the fastest creature possible!

    Requirements this week.

    - the creature must have 6 legs.

    - the creature cannot fly or swim. It is only able to move on land.

    - the creature this week is an albino. So it can have slight coloring, but it is mostly white.


    march 14th 9:00pm PST (GMT -8 )

    finals go here...
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    First sketch

    Hi there, this is my first try at COW, and this are my first sketches for the six legged albinospeedster. Maybe it could be a bit more speedster...
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    Hoping to get an entry in for this one.
    At the moment I'm struggling to design a 6-legged creature that doesn't look like, well, GregorKarl's! Six legs is a lot to fit on one body! =]

    Good luck to all!
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    sketch...and something for inspiration albino animals
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    Hey dudes, I was thinking about joining this weeks cow, its a pwitty cool topic. Here is my firsty sketch of the six legged animal. The this with this creature is that it will curl itself and roll really fast, I will explain more later.

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    Hey, here is a first concept but.. I'm just looking at your concepts and it have similar things that didn't see before, so I'm going to thing in other concept to don't be stealing yours ideas guys, hope you don't mind!.

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    I remember tackling the six legged runner a long time ago, could have been COW or something else, don't remember. Either way, a difficult anatomical challenge for sure.

    Rob that's one of the best refs I've ever seen. An albino whale?! Awesome. And that giraffe (the second one), one of the most the unique set of markings to ever grace the hide of an animal. Great find dude.

    wip 1
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    Just some quick thoughts about: Long, lean, it has to exist in a universe with equally fast prey, so a way to snag said prey, or take it down quickly before the 6 legged prey-mobile gets away is gonna be essential. More mass'll make it slower, so it's a stripped to the bone type of animal- though it'll need a ballast, a way to steer at high speeds. Cheetahs have a long tail for such a thing, the animal needs to have more traction then it's counterparts, but big frumpy ass feet'll only get in the way. If it's going 100 mph, something to stabilize might be useful as well. Long stride lengths and since it's a sight-predator, forward facing eyes for binocular vision. It pretty much has to be a sight predator, wind's a major factor in the senses at such a speed. Wind and response time.

    Some rough sketches, I like the birdish one, but the long middle legs aren't gonna fly. not unless it wants to do a somersault mid stride. Might be able to outfit with some shorter legs, though. I'm not sure which to go with, or keep playing around the specifics for a few more hours.

    Err, scratch a lot of that, since I thought it was hunter-specific, lol. So...uh...6 legs and white go for it.

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    I just can't figure this out. It makes no sense to me.

    If we're assuming that these are physical creatures, not powered by magic or whatever, then they have to follow the laws of physics and possibly the general idea of evolution. So what we know about them: they have legs, they're small, and their bodies are tuned for speed.

    But having six legs will make you go slower, not faster!

    It comes down to aerodynamics if you're travelling at high speed. You have to trade off weight vs power vs wind resistance. Adding an extra set of limbs makes the body heavier, more complex to control, gives it more surface area and drag, and interferes with the airflow around the trailing limbs.

    Having four limbs is a good trade off in terms of biomechanics. With two limbs you can get up to speed but you lose stability and grip - you're more likely to fall and your strength isn't so easily transmitted to the ground to push you forward. With six, you get lots of stability and grip, but there's a huge cost for not much actual speedy benefit. (This is the same reason why birds only have two wings, not four - you only need two to stay in the air, a second pair would add too much weight and not give you much extra speed, and they'd interfere with the airflow around the main pair.)

    The far more sensible evolutionary pathway (if you're aiming for speed and nothing else) would be to stick to four limbs and increase their power, while either letting the two extra limbs atrophy, or repurposing them for something else. In this case I'm thinking of just bending the rules somewhat and going with a creature that runs on four limbs, but uses an atrophied third pair for banking at high speed like a cheetah - like Junco said.

    So here's my runner. Thank god I don't do this for a living, I'd be fired in a heartbeat for letting my weird scientific notions get in the way of the actual illustration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calireayn View Post
    I just can't figure this out. It makes no sense to me.
    Actually 4 legged animals are faster on land than 2 legged animals. They simply have faster acceleration and faster top speed. E.g. Cheetah

    HOWEVER, 2 legged animals (such as ostriches or humans) are far more efficient runners in terms of energy expenditure. Check out this video by David Attenborough: where a man catches a kudu just by running after it for a long time

    But you are absolutely right -- in most cases having 6 legs is inferior to 4 and 2 for locomotion. But there are exceptions!! Like you said having more legs means more stability. In some cases this is very important.

    Take insects for example, which have 6 legs. If insects have only 4 or 2 limbs, they'd have a pretty hard time moving around on branches and leaves.

    Large animals take advantage of gravity as they move. They lean in the direction of motion and "fall" forward. Smaller animals like insects don't have that luxury and they are easily affected by wind currents. So having more legs for stability and pushing force is beneficial.

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    Scorge man you're on fire right now!

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    Little changes,

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    Calireayn, I tend to agree with your line of thinking. This sort of thing gives a bit of cognitive dissonace.

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