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    Mrs. Aforcer's Sketchbook

    >Last posts = newer, and uncoincidentally, probably better
    >Harsh critique, please, I'm here to get my butt kicked, not to get my ego stroked
    >WIPs will be posted here, so please keep an eye out for newer versions of things in later posts

    Okay, after years and years of lurking on this site for inspiration without a username and feeling intimidated by everyone's skill, my classmate finally convinced me it was time to man up and join. A little about me: I'm graduating from a small liberal arts college this year (2012) with a throwaway art degree and a minor in Japanese. Most of what I've done up until now has been self-study since the classes here are really conceptual and most professors can barely do representational art, much less teach it. I got accepted into entertainment design at ACCD for the Fall 2012 semester, and I'm probably going to go straight there after graduation. I'd like to get into concept art for games, which is why I'm hoping to learn as much as I can from as many sources as I can.

    Oh, and if anyone is curious about my ACCD application portfolio, I uploaded all the files to a FaceBook gallery. Criticisms are welcome but it's a project I've kind of put behind me. I worked a lot on it and it's gotten way past its saturation point, I feel. Still, I'd love comments on the techniques or execution. I did the whole thing largely on my own so I had to figure out a lot of stuff about perspective, vehicle rendering, and imaginative anatomy on my own time.

    I actually have a project I've moved onto now that I would like critique on when it gets to a more presentable stage. More on that later, I guess...

    I'll try to post sketches I'm satisfied with, WIPs, and finished projects here. Since I'm making this opening post from work, I have nothing on me at the moment, but I'll post my recent work as soon as I get back form classes.

    Also below is just a sketch I did of myself. Pretty stylized, but I wanted a cool image to represent my thread that was simple and iconical... and I couldn't really decide so I just made something up on the spot, ha ha ha. Might change it later.
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    I have a lot of stuff in my sketchbook I'd like to show, but currently I don't have a scanner, so...

    I also have some digital works that I've done recently, both finished and otherwise, that I'd love some comments on.

    The first three are parts of my senior project. They're accompanied by a 50-or-so-page paper dissecting why females have a strong aversion to video games (points mostly taking out of feminist theory and critique of the subject) and trying to create some explanation of why many of these aversions are illogical, out-dated, or flat-out wrong. I would post it, but I doubt anyone would read it; it's pretty long and boring. (All WIPs)

    The fourth was just me wanting to draw some anime. I was wading through the cesspool that is DeviantArt and had a sudden urge to draw something anime. (WIP, I guess)

    Fifth is just a study. I guess I never really finished it.

    The last one is a personal project -- some fanart from Assassin's Creed and League of Legends smashed together. Feedback on this would be most appreciated. A lot of people say I should nix the background completely since its technically not in the same perspective as the characters. It's just one of those cases of me liking both elements very much but having to accept that they don't belong together, I guess. (WIP)

    Also, if some can tell me how to place captions on these images instead o listing the descriptions above them, that would be very helpful.

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