Hello everyone

I'm completely new here, and decided to post my "works" here in hope that you help me improve my rather low skill level... :-/
Some say that in your way to get a better artist it's important to set yourself some measureable (not sure if i wrote it well) goal to go to... Well my goal is to be as good as for eg.
morano (http://morano.cgsociety.org/gallery/613191/) or omen. I'm not sure if you are familliar with their work but it's enough to say that i have a long long way in front of me...

1.So first of my little goals will be learning myself a human anatomy with Glenn's Vilppu tutorials.

2.At the same time i"m going to do an everyday life drawing's (at least 5)
3.I'm gonna do digital paintings with fruits and that sort of things to learn myself about the color (3 per week at least)
4. I'm going also to da daily practice with gesture drawing from there (http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/figuredrawing.php).

In future I thought about a tutorials from ImagineFX or something like that, not sure really how to "bite it"....

I'll try to post all of my drawings / paintings in this threat and I would really appreciate your comments what's wrong, what's good , how to improve and etc.

Those kinda "Kill The dragon" scene was stocking me I guess...

Some charcoal:
First one from reffrence

My VERY FIRST digitals:

failed to finish:

hopefully I will post some more shortly, I'm already curios about your comments... ;-)