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Thread: SCAD or SVA?

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    SCAD or SVA?

    I applied as a Sequential Art to SCAD and as a Cartooning Major for School of Visual Arts as a transfer student two days ago. I can't make my mind up between the two schools.
    Are their any people here attending these programs now or have recently graduated? What made you choose to go to that school? Do you like your major? is it challenging? What don't you like about your school? Are the professors good? How competent are your peers?

    SVA is for profit, does that effect anything?
    SCAD doesn't require a portfolio do the professors spend much time coddling them?

    tell me everything.O.O

    And thank you!!!

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    I currently go to SVA. I'm in Animation, but I took Cartooning in summer pre-college a few years ago and I have a lot of friends in Illustration/Cartooning (they're run as one department with the same chairman). The department chair has an illustration background and doesn't seem to care much about Cartooning majors, but the upside of that is you get a lot of freedom. The teachers seem to be very accommodating when it comes to style and subject matter. That's great for people who are good at being self-directed and just want to do their own thing, and bad for people who can't be objective about their work or who won't seek out criticism. That's the main thing about SVA: there's great resources and amazing faculty members and you can get a really great education out of your time here, but you HAVE to be self-motivated and seek those things out yourself. I see so many people coast by putting in the bare minimum of effort, and when they realize they didn't learn anything after four years, they blame it on the school. You get out what you put in.

    Some students do really, really incredible and inspiring work. Other students you'll look at and wonder how they got in at all. But the people who are serious about it tend to stick together.

    SVA also has a cartooning club, Cartoon Allies, which runs events like group critiques and movie nights. A friend of mine became one of the club officers this year, and they're definitely working hard to make it a good resource for students.

    I'm not sure if the for-profit thing has a huge effect on anything; SVA is pretty good about giving out scholarships. I'm here on a half-tuition scholarship, which I think is the largest they offer based on merit alone. I entered as a first-time freshman, though, so I'm not sure what's available to transfer students. That information should be on their website, or you could call the financial aid office.

    I don't know much about SCAD, but from what I've heard, I think the atmosphere there is similar to SVA—they'll let almost anyone in and a lot of people coast through and don't learn anything, but you can get a great education if you take the initiative. It might be a little cheaper, I think, but for a lot of people, living in New York is worth the extra expense.

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    Do you want to be in Manhattan or Savannah?
    Are there particular teachers you would like to study with?
    Which one will cost less?

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