Mini Sculpture's second annual competition starts today! There are two months - until April 30th - to crack open the putty and clay and have a bash at a wee tiny scale. The rules, prizes and discussion topic can be found here, at

This year's theme is musicians. From a wargaming mini viewpoint, they're familiar in the unit commands of Warhammer and similar tabletop wargames - from Roman cornicines to American Civil War buglers, from haughty elfin trumpeters to scrofulous goatmen beating on ragged hide-drums, and well beyond. For those unswayed by the pleasures of pushing toy soldiers around, there's greater scope for character pieces, all kinds of entertainers, minstrels, heralds, band members, orchestral players, tin-whistling pixies, orcy rokkas and anything that has or could pick up an instrument. Plenty of possibilities to consider. Everyone's welcome to join in and try their hand.