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Well the consideration is this for the intuos 4 or 5.

I first just recommend getting an extra USB cable for either device. I swear the ones that come with the tablets are ...cheap And you can get a cheap one that is better built.

Now for the next set of questions. It depends what you want. I will say that having a wireless option (and I bought the wireless kit which is an extra 40) is nice. Bluetooth has been touted as a bit slow, and I think the USB receiver is pretty flawless. In fact, I tend to get better response time with the keys and touch ring for whatever weird reason.

If wacom can kindly state the "nominal fee" we're looking at if the tablet gets scratched it would be nice. I think someone bought the http://amzn.com/B007IWKQQQ cover and said it was a bit slick in the review. Not sure if someone else in the thread has tried it. It's about 15 extra.

I think the express keys are laid out better than the 4. I just hate how the touch ring center button responds. However, the wheel is great. I use it when I need to web surf. You can also turn the HUD off if you don't like it.

If you like the OLEDs don't care about potential wireless swap in (which you have to buy the intuos4 bluetooth if you really want it) Go with an intuos 4.

I'm getting along better with my intuos5 though I'm still waiting for those driver updates so my computer can finally sleep when my tablet is plugged in the PC. That and the other bugs that has me so irritated.

-snip- (it's wauh-com dammit )

Thank you for the reply Arshes Nei. I went looking for sellers again and guess it'll be easier for me to get a I5 because the I4s are disappearing from eBay (as far as top sellers who ship to my country go), the seller I was going to go for already stopped selling them

Is the cable problem a modern tablet thing? My Graphire 3's cable on the outside is transparent and you can see a silver interior cable. And although the guy from the second video said his G3 cable was failing, mine never had any problem and seems quite sturdy and thick? (or maybe I just don't take it around with me much)

My concerns come down to:
-which tablet is easier to use
-having a replaceable surface vs. having touch.
The driver problems do sound like a hassle though D: I have little idea how other features like the express keys will affect me, having never used any, so I can safely say what I want is to draw with it (and not navigate internet and computer with it, I dislike trackpads)

I'm not sure I'll like touch though. I've seen people use it in videos when it came out but can't shake the feeling that if you have to hold the pen away from the surface in order to use the gestures, isn't that a bit impractical, or do you really get used to it?

I'm gonna use a mouse, so if mouse mode works okay I'll have to buy a wacom mouse, otherwise just have a place on my desk for normal mouse pad. (Which is what I do now, a little bit cluttered.)

I don't get why wireless is so good (maybe cause I never had cable problems)... I have a lot of USB space, I really only use the same PC, so as long as it's not a really short cable... On the other hand I thought of going for a small over the medium, because for someone coming from a Graphire 3 small, the medium Intuos looks pretty big.

Someone said the non-touch I5 is like a I4 with less features, and I wondered which features they ditched from 4 that they didn't replace with something else?