Hey guys!
im new here and i need some ideas. It will really help me a lot
Im an A-level art graduate student and now Im in my first year of architecture school
Now i need to develop series of experiments (the topic is very wide open.. not necessarily architecture) so I think it would be good idea to do it in an art form which is my strong point (a lot of students did it in 3d modeling and stuff)

My concept is to use something bland and simple, like an everything object and create series of experiment with it and also have other people put their own take in it too.
For example.. set up a space that provide.. 1 plastic cup, a knife, tooth pick, lighter, specific amount of ink and a hammer. Give them 5 minutes to go crazy and see what we've got.

And at the end, these result of these experiments or maybe its photographs (maybe like 50) will be arrange in grids to make a final piece

Is there any suggestions for the materials and means i could use? Maybe not plastic cup? something that can provide various effect (plastic cup can melt but porcelain mug cant, but it can shatter!) And how to improve the project

Any case studies or relate theme I could look at? Collection of repetitive things but different at the same time..

Thank In Advance guys!