Heya gang!

I've been asked to give a shout out to look for people with some skills

Ok, here’s the run down. ComicSmiths.com is looking for:

1 Inker
1 Letterer
1-2 Colourists

Now here’s the info you will be wanting to know. For all those positions, they unfortunately, are not paying jobs

Here’s the game plan.

Over at ComicSmiths.com, there are two projects in the works. The first project is called Chivalry, and it is drawn by Caanan White, written by G. Allen Phillips.

Here is a link to a sample of the style in that book. Caanan is VERY busy, so he is just carving into the block so to speak.
Chiv Panel One SAMPLE

The second project is called, War Healer, drawn by myself, Jonathan Alexander Rector, and written by G. Allen Phillips.

Here is a link to this style of the book:
War Healer PAGE 1

So there you have it. With War Healer, we probably will not be inking, but both projects will need colour. We hope to get some colourists out there

Also, both projects are 22 page books, that will be thrown at IMAGE comics, hoping to be picked up. IF NOT, then the writer, G. Allen Phillips, said that he will publish the book himself. We may send it to some other publishers 1st, but be guaranteed, both these projects WILL SEE PRINT, in some way or the other

Also, all monies will be split accordingly. Also, I will forward potentials at the other guys at ComicSmiths.com.

SO, if you are interested, please send me an email at:


And title it something like "Comic Smith Talent" or something so I don’t mistake it for SPAM.

Thanks again for taking the time to read all this And we hope to get some help CHOW CHOW!