Sketchbook: Sketchbook of a Late Bloomer
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    Sketchbook of a Late Bloomer

    Hello CA community! I am a 26 year old colorblind American male who has long been a lurker on these boards, and the progress and talent on display here have motivated me to start my own (pitifully poor) sketchbook.

    While I've doodled all my life, I have never taken a formal art class, and never really taken developing my talent seriously. I realize at 26 years of age that I'm significantly behind the curve, but hopefully I will someday become living proof that it's never too late to become an artist!

    My goal, like many people on these boards, is to one day work in the games and/or film industry as a concept artist or designer.

    1. Playing around with brushes in Photoshop
    2. Jaguar shaman guy I did in Alchemy (I love that program)
    3. My first attempt at using Sculptris
    4. Quick basic paint of the sculpt.
    5. WIP orc type guy
    6. WIP mech suit thingy


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