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    how you guys start your career?

    I just graduated from university, I want to be an artist but it is such a hard thing when you have no previous working experience. so how did you start your career?

    one more question, how long usually it take to get a reply after submitting the resume, if they intend to set up an interview?

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    Hi Mr. Wei,

    I'm a relatively new entry into the work force as well. It's been nearly impossible to find a 40 hour/week job doing art or in the arts field. Since that's failed, I've been trying to make my own way. I've been poring over job requirements at the types of positions I'd like to do and making lists of skills that I don't have. Now I'm working to build those skills. I'm reading books, I'm learning 3d design, I have an internship with a game design company, I'm picking up contract design and illustration gigs on the side, I just started to write a game and am picking up the Unity engine to build it...

    Generally, I'm not assuming that anyone will hire me. I'm assuming that I need to build my skills independently. Eventually I will have enough value that it won't be so hard to get the job I want.

    In my reading of this site, a lot of people say over and over "just draw!" and you'll get better. I think that has value, but I think that as artists we need to build all our skills in tandem. You can't be an artist without artistic skills, but in many cases you can't be a professional artist without business skills as well. I'm seeking to be a generalist, and hoping that avenue pays off.

    That's my two cents. Good luck!
    People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar

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    In a tough economy you must be willing to go where the work is and for people to see your work you must get it in front of them. Places Like conventions that have art game tracks with portfolio reviews or GDC and sigraph are good places to show and have your work seen.

    Business contacts and networking is very important. Are you signed up on the job boards like Game Jobs direct or Creative Heads, or Linkedin? Have you looked at the Gamedev map to see what companies are close by you and applied to them if they have openings. Getting hired requires consistent persistent effort. You should make a goal of contacting at least one comapny a day that is looking to hire artists. Even then, expect a year or two of looking for work and all that time you should be making your portfolio better.

    Make sure your skills are up to what top working pros skills are, otherwise you will be out of luck.

    Degrees don't matter, skill matters. Sending out emails with a link to a protfolio isn't enough anymore. 13 year old kids in their basements are doing that.

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