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Thread: C.O.W. #250. Aristotilian Elementals - VOTING!

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    Artist: ashess

    Concept: water element: seaking

    living on the ocean's deep, the seaking is composed almost completely of water, using a jellyish-like shell to protect his inner organs from the outlying waters. the seaking usess his long, poisonous tentacles to catch prey. but he is also equipped with a long neck and beak, armored with ice.

    how the creature regulates the temperature of the water for this purpose, while mainaining free flowing currents within, is unknown.

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    Not many knows that Triton one of the largest Neptun have a very interesting history. In the past these planet was beauty full earth like place.

    The ecosystem of the planet was balanced by two kind of creatures - giant sea cetaceans that were transforming salty ocean water into fresh drinkable one in the process of breathing. Fresh water was launched up to the surface in the bubbles coming up from from the creature backs.

    And fire roaches that were living in the caves placed under ground. Feeding by hot magma rocks, creatures basically purge them self by expelling fire on their backs. They had additional pair of limbs on their backs just to spread up fire on their back more, which was occasionally very spectacular show.

    No one knows why they gone - some are saying that they antagonize each other vanished in giant war, and with them all the life on these planet.

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    Edit: I think I might have submitted my entry incorrectly. :c Trying again.
    Artist: Kora

    Concept: Angler Salamander

    The Angler Salamander’s skull structure is reversed- the jaw swings open from the top, rather than the bottom. While hunting, the Angler Salamander dangles its flaming tail above its open mouth. The salamander patiently waits for passing moths to be attracted by the flames. Once the moths draw close enough, the salamander’s jaw swings shut, trapping its prey.
    Urban expansion has pushed the Angler Salamander to the brink of extinction. Compared to the bright lights of cities and towns, the salamander's tail is a dim beacon. Deprived of their primary food source, the salamander has all but disappeared. The cities grow brighter, and the forests grow darker as the Angler Salamander's flames are extinguished one by one.

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    Artist: Noun

    Concept: Littilith

    These tiny stone beings hobble tirelessly across wastelands, rejuvenating barren soil and breathing life into withered flora. They may wander into more populated urban areas, oblivious to the curious gazes of nearby people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Loomis
    You may question why we do not at once proceed to the finished, smooth, round form. The answer is that in a drawing or painting, something of the individual procedure and structural quality should remain... It is the big form that does the job--not the little and exact.

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    Artist: GammaGrey

    Concept: Aristotelian Element: Fire
    The intense heat that radiates from this creature has melted the rock encasing it. Each formation, crevice, and dent tells a story relating to its movement. As such, this skin-like encasing is in a constant state of flux.

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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Firebain
    The most stubborn and dangerous of the four elementals, Firebain has wreaked havoc throughout the world for eons. Its massive body comprised of no more than ash and soot from its burning core, this elemental has earned the nickname Balrog, Devil, and Legion of Fire. While Firebain's intentions have largely gone unknown up to this point in history, some believe that the massive beast will one day cleanse the world in flames.
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    [B]Artist: ChromaticCodex

    Concept: Elementals
    Air; Fire; Earth; Water! (Heart?)

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    Poll is up! No cuts this week.
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    Edit: thanks Si Swe for late add

    Artist: Bertling

    Concept: Egyptian Alchemist`s Creation

    This alchemist was able to create a water elemental by drawing from the Nile river. But little does she know that its existence would be short-lived unless binding magic is used.

    The study of alchemy in those days was indeed one of trial and error. That is, until mage guilds became commonplace across the Farlands.
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    Wow nice work boys and girls.

    My top four in no particular order: scorge, tsabu, kora, Abee,
    the rest was/is pretty cool but i liked the flow and movement of Abee's one the most,
    even though the creature description was a bit nonsensical to me adleast.

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    Hey everyone. Wonderful, wonderful work. My favorite overall would have to be Scorge simply because of the awesome atmosphere and sense of scale. Rob Powel's is crazy too, and I dig the rendering on the cracks in the skin as well as the thought that went into placing the creature on the rock. Vegas Mike's is incredibly well executed of course, but I would have preferred a focus on just one element and gotten more of a sense for the design of an individual creature rather than four in one. Kora's design really REALLY stood out to me, and as far as actual creature design is concerned, I liked his the best, but I am such a fan of color that it didn't quite win me over.

    Again, great work, and good luck to you all. This was a ton of fun for my first COW experience. I hope to participate again soon when a topic piques my interest. Cheers!

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    Some nice entries this round... and now for some crits...

    junco: really nice design. I'm always a fan of gulper eel-like designs, it's neat how you included some in teh background as well interacting with the environment. Somehow though the fire doesn't quite seem like fire, more than it does hair.

    ToddBushman: Your designs are getting more creative now. Anatomy on the arms seems a little awkward. I'm not totally convinced by the whirlwind look you have. Don't be afraid to look up some reference, and do a few 1 hr (or more if you feel) studies, get yourself into the groove and figure out for yourself the best way to approach certain things. I would've also picked a different colour for the creature, becasue it doesn't really say air elemental any more than earth. Almost like having a blue creature as fire (though if you did it right it can still work)

    Noro: Pretty neat design, mate! I think you could've pushed the intensity of the magma a bit more, perhaps a darkerbackground could help as well. I think since basically everything it touches gets burned there should be way more fire and charred bits all around it.

    WhiskeySour: Neat little pandora's box type scenario here. The earth elemental doesn't really read very well, and the design of the air elemental needs to be pushed a bit further. There should be a little more reflected light from the fire creature especially on the water creature.

    Madame Mister: Way too much yellow here, even with very hot substances there can still be some form (look at scorge's piece) so overall your creature looks very flat becasue of it. The background is nicely painted but there is hardly any light coming from the creature.

    VegasMike: Really nice work overall, as I've already stated more than once. I like the Atlas reference with the tortoise holding up the fire and water elementals. I do have to point out that the air elemental is alittle hard to read, but that's mostly with all the atmospherein front of it. With that said it is a solid piece of art. Got my vote on it! (p.s. you should really come back to cow more often)

    Abee: Took me few moments to realise what I was looking at actualy. So readability is a small issue. Perhaps a better angle of the creature would make it a little easier. Also watch that fin that touches right on the edge of the canvas, those kind of conflicting edges really hurt your composition, so either give it some space between the edge or cut the end of a bit more.

    Firith: Very nice scene, with some decent lighting. The design is a little on the safe side. Also providing a little atmosphere would better indicate it's scale becasue at first it seemed just about the size of a regular bear.

    Grumbleputty: Still missing some of the creature aspects, as you've mentioned. One suggestion would bee instead of using a bundle of roots, perhaps they form more arms and legs that appear mroe articulated. And also some anatomical features such as eyes, a mouth, or whatever. However with that said the pupose this round wasto create a being that is fully or mostly comprised of that particular element. Your creature fits that bill quite nicely.

    aburnier: A nice piece. A decent design although it feels like I've seen somethign similar before, but then again you could say that for just about anyone's designs these days. I like the orange eye to bring contrast to the image which is dominated by blue. I feel it would've worked better if there was more orange on the creature's body to lead the eye to the focal area.

    ashess: interesting piece. I'm a little confused by what those shapes in the background are supposed to be. Is it part of the creature? Is it another creature? Is it part of the environment? I noticed you tried to add a sparkly look the those icy scales, which doesn't really work out that well underwater especailly at certain depths. Specular highlights would've worked fine to indicate a shinyness. Whereas here it breaks up the silhouette of the creature. Also to add a little more cohesion to the piece you could've positioned the diver in a way so the turtle is curiosly looking at him.

    tsabu: You're improving, dude! Your forms are starting to come out quite well, and readability has gotten better, Your technique is developing into quite the nice unique style. A few things still need to be tweaked. The fire doesn't quite seem as intense as it should be, and the pitchblack within the creature's mouth is a bit too much. I think some more bubbles coming from the cetacean's back would help indicate what your description said a bit better.

    kora: Very nice design and a very cool presentation of the image. Still trying to figure if it's traditional or digital, but methinks digtial based on the brush strokes. Problem is despite the very clever design it doesn't say elemental to me, other than the fire on it's tail. And I was kinda looking forward to see this rendered with colours especially after seeing those thumbs you posted. Looking forward to future contributions from you.

    Noun: It's hard for me to make out an actual creature here, more than just a piece of pottery. Although after reading reading your description I can picture this..thingy walking through a busy city and people looking at it like 'wtf?'

    GammaGrey: It looks to me like more of a mountain than a creature....and now after a bit aof a gander I see what looks like a head, there is too much emphasis on the forelimb and not enough on the creature's head, making difficult to read.

    scorge: Yeah well it's not bad...haha! Nice work as always, mate! Definitely a unique design, and some nice use of colours here as well. Close second placer this round, btw!

    ChromaticCodex: Well you managed to do what my intentions were, and create illustrations of each elemental, but my fire serpent jsut took me way too damn long ><...I'll start with top and work my way down. I'll keep it fairly brief for each though...
    air-needs more contrast
    fire-best of the four, legs look kinda rubbery though
    earth-oncea gain more contrast and some more intense lighting around the head of the creature
    water-I don't actually see a creaturemore than just a large wave, so some more emphasis on the creature's forms to give it some structure.

    Bertling: A nice idea, seems almost sad the way their hands are pressed against the glass. The edges need to be more clearly defined againt that background. And some smoother strokes on your creature, cuz the form kind of seems a bit too irregular. Remember water water isn't quite as textured as that.

    Si_Swe: just a friendly reminder that my star is still invisible
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    Was Scorge again for me I'm afraid Conposition and the virbrancy of the piece made it a real stand out for me

    Vegasmike: You were really close but I think the atmosphere you added was to universally applied and just served to flatten it a little. But really am just being picky there as it's an awesome piece of work. When you have to pick between two great pieces of work it comes down to niggly shit like that

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