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  • Junco

    1 1.09%
  • ToddBushman

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  • Noro

    1 1.09%
  • Rob Powell

    6 6.52%
  • Whiskey Sour

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  • Madame_Mister

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  • VegasMike

    30 32.61%
  • Abee

    10 10.87%
  • Firith

    2 2.17%
  • Grumbleputty

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  • aburnier

    7 7.61%
  • ashess

    1 1.09%
  • tsabu

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  • kora

    2 2.17%
  • Noun

    4 4.35%
  • GammaGrey

    1 1.09%
  • scorge

    25 27.17%
  • ChromaticCodex

    2 2.17%
  • Bertling

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    So here's an attempt at some crits

    Junco I like the Image, very disneyish-evil, sly animal. But I don't see the "chambers" that it uses to move or any distinct characteristics of a "bark-eater". Did you type the description before or after you made the picture?

    ToddBushman I get no sense of scale in your picture, it feels like a small creature in the picture, but the claws can capture "very large" animals? Also mind using too many different techniques to render the image.

    Noro The texturing confuses me, it's very smooth but it's mostly molten lava? Hm, I like the creature, concept, rendering. but I think it's more like a fiery lizzard then an "Elemental".

    Rob Powell Nice concept, nice texturing the veining of the body must've taken ages! I would've liked to see more of a "guarding" pose/gesture considering the description, also the "tube-shape" of a the serpent seems a bit irregular at some parts.

    Whiskey sour Derped at the fire-elemental, also the water-elemental was nice, but it seems like you cared more for some parts and didn't care so much about others. Mind the color-composition and consistency as the colors vary alot also.

    Madame Mister I don't really understand the concept but I can always go for a scorpion-wolf. But you must mind where you want your focal-point(s), meaning "where do I want the viewer to be looking?" Use contrasts in sharpness, light and color to help the eye of the beholder.

    Vegasmike This is a good piece in so many ways that I think it's more of an "artists"-style-critique rather than a general crit. I (note. I) would've added more atmosphere to the creatures or increased the saturation/contrast in the foreground to try to scale up the creatures themselves. (Also I would've gone for a different frame-color as the red line don't match well. (YES I'M NITPICKING!))


    Firith She seems very demonish/evil in contrast to the description where it says that a believer has called her to bring life and happiness to his homeland. Maybe the setting could've been different. Show us when she's breathing life into the dead soil. Cool contrasts around the head though!

    Grumbleputty I DIG the concept of it being a masterless elemental scouring the wastelands. The colors confuse me when it comes to the scale of the creature though, alot of saturated colors everywhere contradicts the otherwise stale sky. Also I would mind adding so many individual strands of grass, it makes the ground messy and draws focus from the creature itself.

    Aburnier There so much to look at! (which I like) But I would like to see more.. consistensy in the creature rendering. There's holes, small horns, muscles, anorexic ribs, anatomy differs, maybe it should've had more fetures in the same (may I add: AWESOME) style as the fins and watery extrusions. Also, if this is on land the creature most be friggin huge considering the background shoreline thus making it a bit... unfit for "streams and tide pools"

    Ashess I like the visible skeleton but I think it's too visible around the ribs. Also I don't really understand the highlights in the face and the lightbeams in the blue background. Cool cocky concept though, expression of the face is great.

    Tsabu That's one NASTYASS fire-roach! I think they're really cool designs just.. unfinished. Take them further, if only in small parts to draw the viewers attention.

    kora COOL concept, like the backwards facing mouth. But what happened to the colored version that you showed in the WIP-thread? Also what is the purpose of the tail-brim and is there a way to make the fire-part a larger part of the creature itself?

    Noun Haha wobble wobble! Crits: I lack textures, what is it made of? how does it work/move?

    Gammagrey HUGE! Or it seems huge, meaning there should be some more atmospheric effects. Also, the melting rock could perhaps share more similarity to magma and have more.. random shapes as you're describing it. Like that the front "paw"(?) looks like the entrance to a large cathedral.

    Scorge WOAH! (enough said.) My only crit is that I'm having trouble reading the depths of the picture, where is the creature positioned compared to the horseman?

    ChromaticCodex Like the hammerhead-tailfeather air-creature! Also I LOVE the fire-creature, it really looks like it's having a FEAST on that molten vein of magma. Great concept! I do not, however, get the earth/water ones. Crits: Try to make them even more finished (shape-wise) while minding your colors. Once again, LIKE on that fire-one.

    Bertling Cool concept where the elemental is an alchemical creation, looks unfinished though, the background should've been changed to something with more depth.

    Cool stuff guys!!!!

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    Great round, well done everyone. Its been a while since i did some crits

    Junco Cool design and interesting style man. It looks abit flat at the moment and you could push the tail area further into the background to create more depth to your design. The fire doesnt seem to match the design elements to well either, especially around the mid body section.

    ToddBushman interesting concept, i like how you rendered the tornado too. The actually creature seems too static in contrast though, which is hard to believe it would be. Showing it in action, say hunting as an example could help with this problem, as well as showing some scale to the creature and giving it more character. Also you could push your colour palette abit more, theres alot of dull browns which is abit boring. Good concept overal though, nice job.

    Noro Noro! Cool to see you here doing creatures man. I like how you rendered the lava patches on its body. I'm having trouble finding serious problems with the over design so ill do little bits ive noticed. Perhaps push the light/dark contrast in areas, especially in the lava areas and also mix up your edges abit more. The edges are all the same throughout the piece, try to add harder edges around areas of focus, for example the head area. Great job regardless man, hope to see your stuff again soon!

    Rob Powell Fuck Rob! Thats prity awesome. Once again you excelled yourself. Great job. Firstly i would ditch the bird thing in the background and probably that statue, it doesnt serve any purpose to the design and distracts the eye. You could push the atmospheric perspective on the background cave/cliff elements to make the creature foreground element pop more too. I know how much you love your details too, and it kinda works with this creature, but i cant help but feel it doesnt need it all over its body. If you where to see this creature in real life, theres no way the eye could pick up that amount of detail, especially with in flowing to and from the audience. Great job anyways man, and also congrats on the star, i knew it was only a matter of time Keep pushin dude!

    Whiskey Sour Cool that you added all the elements in one piece and got some storytelling in there, those values could use more work though to push the perspective of the creatures. I like that blue fish creature, it looks prity badass.

    Madame_Mister Cool creature and i like that you captured alot of character in your beast too. I think the biggest problem here is the yellow is way to bright while the other elements are prity dark and dull. I would recommend grabbing some ref on lava and fire and seeing how it works in nature and doing studies of it to help with this problem. Also, because every element of your creature is the same bright yellow, theres no areas of focus for your eye to rest making it hard it tough to read. Great effort anyways dude, and gratz on the ambitious design.

    Vegasmike Very nice. Great job on getting all the elements in there, i voted for you on pure ambition and effort. Beautiful composition too, i'm prity envious =p One thing i would point out is the air creature seems abit left out from the design and its prity tough to even read what it is. Not much else to
    crit, again, great job.

    Abee Cool concept and nice use of colour and textures. At first glance i had trouble reading your design though. I'm still not sure if its the water element or the air one. Its tough to tell whether its floating through dark clouds at night or deep in the ocean. It might help to add some sort of head anatomy to the creature to, to give it some identity. An eye or a mouth can go a long way in describing alot about your creatures mood, character, nateral environment etc etc. I think you should push the darks around the front area too to push your creature's foreground elements and make it pop more.

    Firith Nicely rendered piece and i like the perspective and composition. The actual design of the creature is abit unoriginal though, it would be cool to push that element abit further. ALso the colours seem abit muted, the greens and blues are nice but the dull browns dont do your creature design much justice.

    Grumbleputty Cool design and nice textures going on here. Theres quite about of black in your design which is messing with your values abit and making the creature look flat. The roots all have alot of light dark contrast which seems abit odd too. It might be beter to imagine the roots as one form, then add detail elements afterwards. Try doing some studies of trrees and roots in nature to help with this dilema.

    aburnier I really like this piece dude, great design and rendering. Vegasmike just got my vote over yours because i felt his piece was more adventurous and took more risks. Not much to crit sorry, but something which bugs me abit is the swirly stuff in the top left corner. The way it stops in the centre is making the background elements look abit flat which are clashing with your creature. Great job regardless man, i'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    ashesshey man, cool concept and nice colours. The main thing here i would recommend you work on are the values. Try adding more light and dark elements and pushing the iridescent elements of the creature. Cool to see your work again man, keep it up!

    tsabu interesting concepts, trying to crit two in one go might be tough, ill do my best though. In the first creature (fire one) the back legs look abit flat and could do with being pushed abit more into the background. The top area with the fire circle looks abit confusing too. If its a tail, the same rule applies with the tail as the back legs, it needs to be pushed into the background to add depth and help it read beter. Creature 2, i like the colours more in this piece but the design isnt as adventurous as the first. Also that back tail is suffering from the same problem as your first creature in that its not got any depth to it and looks flat. Two cool designs with interesting styles though dude, nice one on getting two done.

    Kora Nice idea, i like the textured canvas. The design is prity cool too. As a black and white image (or close enough) i think you should push the values more, make that light source stronger and the shadows darker. Great job on coming up with something original though, nice work.

    Noun interesting concept dude, nice use of lighting too. The main problem for me here is that its tough to read this as a creature though. Perhaps showing it in its environent doing something might help with this. Showing some elements we can identify with too would help with scale issues. I'm unsure what this creature is made out of too. Some variety in values, colour and texture on its skin could help with this. That blue/green stuff on the left is tough to read also. The design is orginal though so good job with that, hope these crits help.

    GammaGrey Cool idea here with a prity good composition. The main problem here is there doesnt seem to be any main areas of focus on the creature and its tough to read its design because of that. The foreground, midground and background elements could be pushed much further also to help stop your creature from being flat. Theres lots of black here and its making it tough to see the values too. I think this piece has alot of potential and you should keep pushing it dude. If you get stuck try grabbing some ref and doing some studies to help. Keep up the great work man.

    scorge Awesome, as always. Great colours going on here and love the mood and scale of the piece. The one thing which perhaps confuses me abit is the purple dark tones on the creatures stomach and leg, it looks abit out of place.

    ChromaticCodex yeah man, wheres captain planet with his green mullet? Great job on doing all 4 critters. I think the best one is the fire because of the colours, detail and design. The earth one is good too but i think you could push the rendering abit more, it feels unfinished in areas. I like the design of the air one but i think you could push the tail back into the background elements more to give your design more depth and make your creature pop. The water one is tough to read, its prity hard to see the creaure design in this one. The waves and colours are cool but the design elements could do with more work. Hope these helped. Nice job.

    Sorry if these seemed abit blunt, hope they helped you out in some way.

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    voted for scorge.. original and well executed

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    Great critiques guys! I really appreciate it. I tried to fix the things you guys mentioned. Just thought I`d post it here anyway.
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    I love crits!
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    Great work in here

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    how I wished this was a multivote poll :<

    great round, really, a great round with lots of great entries

    three of them just hit my eye with the force of a thousand suns

    man, you got a hand for cave scenes
    the lighting is just as superb as in your entry from that "life found on jupiter/venus/damn I don't know what planet it was", the one in your avatar

    but, and I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, it really reminds me of the balrog from lotr
    it is just that the idea didn't hit me this time while the execution is just awesome (as always)

    know what, it is really fun to see your progression over the months
    you are one of the few who is almost always participating and you are getting better and better

    if I had one tip for you, try to avoid repeating patterns and details
    try to put them where they are seen and where they have to be seen
    you are always putting so much effort in tiny details and I somehow have the feeling that this prevents you from getting better at realistic lighting

    the fuck?
    seriously, I could not stop staring at your entry
    the light from above
    the composition, simple symmetry yet so effective
    the details, the ideas, just wow
    got my vote

    I love such pictures which are overloaded with content
    just wow
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    I was deciding between Ashess and VegasMike. The latter was more complete but maybe a little like I would expect, but the glass like water king just jumped out at me as a concept. gl to all.

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    Congrats to VegasMike, as well as to everyone who entered. Losing hurts a lot less when you lose to people as talented as you bunch!
    Your only competition is your last painting

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