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    C.O.W. #250. Aristotilian Elementals - VOTING!

    Round #250 - voting!

    Topic: Aristotilian Elementals

    Deadline for voting: March 14th, 2012

    Round Requirements (Read BEFORE voting!):
    - The creature must represent a singular element. That element MUST be one of the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air

    - Each creature must be at least partially comprised of it’s particular element

    - The elemental should have a singular form, which is in a mostly-stable state

    - There should be a sense of cohesion between a set of elementals
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    Artist: Junco

    Concept: Sulfurous Gulper
    The Sulfurous Gulper feeds on the chemical energy from combustion with a body mainly comprised and fueled by Hydrogen Sulfide, a very noxious and flammable gas. The Sulfurous Gulper tears off bark and uses that fire energy to propel it's lightweight body in the air, firing off excess energy through a series of chambers alongside it's spine for locomotion.

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    Artist: ToddBushman

    Concept: Dragonado

    Dragonado is an air elemental that uses it's ability to create tornados to hunt and kill it's prey. He finds his prey by using his tongue as his sense of smell, finding food that is flying through it's air currents. His claws can capture and hold very large animals. He has no need for eyes as nothing stands in his way.

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    Artist: Noro

    Concept: Moltezar

    The female moltezar can be found in areas around volcanoes. Most of the body is made up of molten lava, which drips from its tail and other parts of its body.
    Because of the fire-resistent skeletal core and wings it is often killed as a trophy. The female moltezar carries its brood/eggs on the back in a transparent blueish organ. It sets everything around it on fire, leaving small but significant paths of destruction everywhere it is hunting. Because of this they are easily spotted and avoid to fly away from the volcanic area and their nests very often.

    Attachment 1436305

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Pyradens

    The lava filled caverns of Mt. Furia holds a mysterious and precious treasure. No one knows what the treasure is exactly or what it does but there is great certainty of the treasure's value. Many hunters and thieves alike have perished in the fiery chasms while in search of this treasure due to the furious power of it's guardian. A grand serpent of fire, said to have been born of the chaos that dwells within the mountain. The furious nature of this creature leaves many fearful, because it does not confine itself to stay within the walls of the mountain.
    Attachment 1436545
    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Aristotile's Tomb

    Aristotile's body and soul decomposed into the four classical elements, thus proving On Generation and Corruption was correct.

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    The Manders Daemoni

    Artist: Madame_Mister

    Concept: Manders Daemoni

    The Daemoni are strange remnants from the Before Times. Each "breed" (for want of a better word) combines the features of animals with the Magickal essence of the Elemental. The Manders, for example, are based on fire Magick. They resemble wolves with scorpion features, and are cruel hunters.
    En Taro Ja-Va!

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    Artist: Vegasmike
    Concept: Aristotilian Elementals

    I wanted to show all the Elements together in an epic scale. Earth is represented by a multi legged Tortoise whose shell is the platform for the other Elements. He is ancient, made of rock, soil and vegetation and must balance the shell for elemental harmony. (Morla from Never Ending Story was a big influence here!) I wanted Fire to be a volcanic predator with an aggressive hell hound look...Whatever he touches is set ablaze and his saliva is pure magma. His breath can set entire cities on fire...He is kept in balance by lady Water. She is a collection of sea life, tentacles, and large ice caps as she goes higher in the atmosphere. She can be as gentle as a drop of water and as furious as a tsunami. The steam created by lady Water keeping Fire in check eventually forms the elegant and deady lady Air. She can be invisible at times, felt only as a soft breeze or she can gain strength and become a furious thunder storm. She is represented by an angelic, faceless bird made up of clouds. Her purpose is to oversee that Fire and Water are also kept in balance.
    Adam Vehige aka VegasMike
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    Artist: Abee

    Concept: Undine

    "Undine don't care, Undine don't give a shit, Undine just takes what it wants!"

    Undine is the embodiment of the element water, it cannot be caught, cut, hurt, It glides without goal or purpose. It just exists and does not know why, nor does it care.
    It absorbs the very essence of the objects around it, feeding on whatever is pulled in by his gravitational pull, it's outer shell merely nutritional rocks, algee, fish and whatever stuck to the shape of energy that is Undine when he swam by.

    (Ps. He gets really ****** angry when you put the kettle on, so drink tea with caution.)
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    Artist: Firith
    Concept: Arktos - Earth Elemental

    Arktos is the soul of the earth, it is a female bear that breathes life into the simple dirt to make it fertile.
    Depicted is a moment when she is called forth by a believer to make his homeland grow green again.

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    Artist: Grumbleputty

    Concept: Cthonic Wayfarer

    In ages past, when their grasslands were under threat from neighboring tribes, the druids of the Prairies would call forth elemental creatures of earth, stone and tangled roots, to defend them.

    When the warlord Agreddon wiped out the druids in his great push to the west, the elemental creatures were left masterless. To this day they roam the prairies, aggressively protecting their territories from all perceived threats. Scholars believe that magics from the sacrificial stones they carry animate the beasts, and perhaps destruction of the stone is the key to destroying one of these creatures.

    Attachment 1437469

    (Si_Swe, I leave it up to your discretion whether or not the plant-like elements of my entry violate the "No Plants" rule.)
    Your only competition is your last painting

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    Artist: aburnier

    Concept: Tide Dweller

    The tide dweller is remarkable because of its ability to alter the nature of the hydrogen bonds in nearby samples of water. Able to strengthen them and weaken them at will, the creature is actually able to control its element to a magnificent extent.

    The tide dweller will often attach water to its body in interesting shapes, extruding features such as fins to make itself appear larger and more threatening, or trailing streams of water off of itself (and brightening its new features with bio-luminescence) for the purpose of attracting a mate. In certain cases, the tide dweller has been known to ensnare fish by strengthening the bonds in nearby water, immobilizing the fish completely. Even without this ability, the tide dweller is an agile and capable hunter, although its favorite hunting grounds are shallow bodies of water such as streams and tide pools.
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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]Kora[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Angler Salamander[/COLOR]
    [/B]The Angler Salamander’s skull structure is reversed- the jaw swings open from the top, rather than the bottom. While hunting, the Angler Salamander dangles its flaming tail above its open mouth. The salamander patiently waits for passing moths to be attracted by the flames. Once the moths draw close enough, the salamander’s jaw swings shut, trapping its prey.
    In the past 100 years, the bright lights of the rapidly growing cities have ultimately proved to be more tempting to the moths than the Angler Salamander's fiery tail. Deprived of their main food source, the once common salamanders have now been driven to extinction.

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    Artist: ashess

    Concept: water element: seaking

    living on the ocean's deep, the seaking is composed almost completely of water, using a jellyish-like shell to protect his inner organs from the outlying waters. the seaking usess his long, poisonous tentacles to catch prey. but he is also equipped with a long neck and beak, armored with ice.

    how the creature regulates the temperature of the water for this purpose, while mainaining free flowing currents within, is unknown.

    Attachment 1437678
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    SKETCHBOOK - my website - facebook company page
    ooh yeah; did you know I'm a certified art-teacher? that's right. everything arty I say has been endorsed by the state of the Netherlands! (they'll be sorry soon)

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    Not many knows that Triton one of the largest Neptun have a very interesting history. In the past these planet was beauty full earth like place.

    The ecosystem of the planet was balanced by two kind of creatures - giant sea cetaceans that were transforming salty ocean water into fresh drinkable one in the process of breathing. Fresh water was launched up to the surface in the bubbles coming up from from the creature backs.

    And fire roaches that were living in the caves placed under ground. Feeding by hot magma rocks, creatures basically purge them self by expelling fire on their backs. They had additional pair of limbs on their backs just to spread up fire on their back more, which was occasionally very spectacular show.

    No one knows why they gone - some are saying that they antagonize each other vanished in giant war, and with them all the life on these planet.

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