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Thread: OpenCanvas 5

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    OpenCanvas 5

    I didn't find much in the way of OpenCanvas 5 discussion on this board apart from mostly speculation around its release.

    Now that it's been out for a while, I'd love to hear about people's experiences with it.

    I loved OpenCanvas 1. It felt very intuitive, but unfortunately tended to get a little buggy after working on the same file for long.

    OpenCanvas 4, however, didn't feel as intuitive at all, and I never quite warmed up to it.

    So far, after messing around with the trial version of OC5 a little, I'm liking it quite a bit. It feels a lot more solid than the previous version, but I'm sure I'm not making the most of its features, yet.

    After bad experiences with pirating previous versions of OC, I'd love to hear the opinion of more experienced artists than myself before I put down the 55 Euros. Or if my money is perhaps better spent elsewhere.

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    Have you tried paint tool sai? Also, I really like the network feature with OC 1, it's been removed in all the latest versions right?

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    oC1 is the only oC with network feature. I guess the company didn't want to hire more network technicians.

    I use oC 5.5 and I like it alot. Brush controls got much better than the previous versions and it has a new perspective ruler that works like a charm. The pencil tool got upgraded so finally you can draw clean and crisp lines. I adjusted the pencil brush to produce lines similar to Painter's Scratchboard tool. Since Photoshop lags on my laptop, I use oC instead of it. It's really good when you need to crop pictures, adjust color levels, and resize the image.

    Drawback of oC might be that it's kinda limited in it's tools, and it feels, uh, digital. It tried to emulate the traditional media but it feels more digital than Paint Tool Sai. I think oC is ideal if you want to just upload things on the web and that is it. As long as I know, I heard about quite a few professionals who use Sai regularly in their printed commercial work but didn't hear of any professionals who use oC regularly in their printed commercial work.

    So about buying the program, as much as I think oC is a cool program that seems to be underrated by many, I don't think it's worth it's price if you have other painting programs. If you don't, I think it's a fantastic program to start out.

    **Just as a note, whatever I wrote here is my personal opinion, so anyone who is thinking about buying it needs to try it out before they make up their mind.
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