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    Lightbulb bac9-flcl's sketchbook

    Greetings! My name is Artyom, I am a 3D environment artist living in Moscow, Russia; currently a student studying for the degree in the graphic design field. That sounds a bit incompatible, but I like both with equal passion and try to find time for both. Oh, and also, I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make, - English is, obviously, not my native language. )

    I've discovered SketchUp about three years ago, and instantly fell in love with it's ingenious, intuitive interface and fast workflows.

    I've been working on improving my skills ever since: every year I look at my models made a year back, scream in horror, hair set on fire - and delete them, mostly. There is a very common notion that SketchUp is bound to produce broken, low-quality geometry with countless errors: but actually, it's not. It's just that SketchUp learning curve is extremely easy, and many users (including me) started modeling straight away, prior to learning about any optimization techniques, general modeling rules, and so on. I'm common to forget that SketchUp is a modeling package, just like the others, and all the general rules of 3D modeling are still applied there, - you must keep an eye on surface orientation, you must optimize your model, keep neatly organized component hierarchy, etc., as the program won't magically solve all these issues for you.

    For me, SketchUp proven to be the reliable tool for modeling. Literally any hardsurface prop can be created there with surprising ease and precision. Well, and I must admit that SU has spoiled me so much that I have repeatedly failed to switch to other "serious" DCC packages like 3ds Max or Maya - after that fast and convenient environment, all of them felt as comprehensible as some nuclear submarine control panel wrapped in a barbed wire. It's a hostile territory which I'm using only in case of emergency (e.g. for some workflows involving Vertex Color feature, which is absent in SU, or to export my work into some formats unsupported by SU).

    But enough with the boring talk, let me show you some pics, which, I hope, can be qualified as cool. :)

    Some slightly fairytale-esque designed workshop. I've modeled the whole thing in SU (apart from that plant on background, that's Crytek asset), and painted all the texture maps.
    Then exported it into CryENGINE3. Wonderful SDK and visuals they have there, I must say.

    Here are shots from SketchUp:

    Other pics incoming shortly! :)


    Upd. Okay, if you'll see a duplicate of some content shown here, in an additional new post below, sorry about that. It seems that every post here, and not just thread creation, is pre-moderated (i.e. significantly delayed), and I've hastily submitted some images in a second message without knowing that. So, well, to avoid delay, I'm going to post all of that post contents (and some more) right now, by editing this first message. And when that second one emerges, will use it for other content.


    Some of my other works :)

    The model of an apartment building from Pripyat.
    Not much grunge, dirt, leaks here, etc. because I was asked to make it in it's pre-disaster state (early 1986), not in a modern condition.


    Another one: sci-fi environment inspired by Tsutomu Nihei "Blame!" universe.
    Dark and minimal space of huge proportions. Here is mood sketch I did (paintover of an early geometry):

    And then how that thing progressed into the final scene:


    Okay, and right now I'm feeling a bit out of place with all these environment models instead of concept art that is probably expected on this resource. :) So next, here is some of my 2D. Not a professional-level stuff, sorry about that.


    Tell me what you think. :)
    Any requests (e.g. showing textures, explaining something) are fine too.

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    Google SketchUp & CryENGINE3 Tutorials // Link
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