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Thread: How does an artist get motivation back?

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    Hi again everyone!

    I'm glad that those articles were of some help to you. I didn't know how you all will accept that kind of self-development literature. Many people think of it as just "blah-blah" made by people that had a big success just by sheer luck and now they are acting as some wise guys. And they don't even want to hear anything about it... and sadly procrastination is digging into their lives even further.

    I myself was the same type of sceptic toward that kind of literature, but I thought, OK let's try and se if it works... after all I don't have anything to loose... and even with just small changes in my daily life there could be seen quite a big progress. The same, i guess based on your replies, as you experienced it. So I would really like to encourage you to explore that areas of your life even further and work on your self-development.

    So don't let your life be lead by others, take control in your own hands and you will be successful...

    By the way... when you become successful and somebody says to you "Oh, you were just lucky to get everything you have"... you can say "yeah you're right, I was lucky, but do you know what luck means?"

    Tell them...

    L.U.C.K. = Labour Under Correct Knowledge

    Painting is like a box of chocolates, you never now what you'll gonna get...
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    SIMPLE! go to some workshops, or better, attend some classes, even just at the at the local comunity college. Anything to get some good foundation, be with other artists to learn from them, and have a deadline. Having a deadline is always good motivation.
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    To over come the "bordom" of drawing, do things that stimulate the hell out of you. One friend of mine would draw porn most of the time, and actually had great renderings as well(in provocative positions of course....). But if something gets you going, its best to draw that. Hogarth, for me at least, made me completly compelled to draw from his style, it just appeals to me greatly. Of course, dont over do it with a particular style. However, for me it does the job of asfixiating the "bordom" sometimes (dont get me wrong, I draw elswhere all the time). Ill admit, moving a hand in athousand directions is boring, but making an image that makes you tingle inside is worth all the while in the world =)
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    also I think that regular exercise is awesome motivation. I know it sounds cliche, but if you try to run a mile everyday and then you actually start doing it because you make yourself do it (like you are your own drill sergeant) then you will most likely adopt that aspect and incorporate it in other areas of your life. That's just what works for me though, gotta give myself a little hell because no one else is around to do it for me.
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    Ask yourself an honest question and answer it honestly back.

    What would you rather be doing (for the rest of your professionally life)?

    Is that any closer to being realistic compared to your drawing skills?
    If not then that's my motivation.

    There aren't many other things I'd rather be doing with my life (cook/ski bum perhaps) so whenever I get gloomy about doing this then I think about working in retail or whatever and I bite the bullet of it all and keep going. Against all odds.

    In certain aspects I've sacrificed too many things already to stop now. Relationships, friends I've worked with, girlfriends, health issues, money issues (the rumour about the money poor, bull headed artist doesn't exist for no reason) etc.

    I conciously made up my mind when I was 15, playing AD&D and got my frist paying gig as an artist. I got paid good money (even by todays standards) to do what I love - to draw. So I kept on drawing. And haven't stopped until this day and proberbly never will stop.

    I might start directing, writing screenplays or whatever, but I'll never stop drawing.

    That's my movitaion - I made up my mind and went for it.

    "To achive the impossible you have to attempt the absurd."
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