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  • NightHerald

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  • & K o r

    15 17.05%
  • Duman

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  • grenogs

    2 2.27%
  • sony

    1 1.14%
  • B-Lister

    0 0%
  • Kaimera

    0 0%
  • Kristo Novo

    7 7.95%
  • daniorrr

    10 11.36%
  • Edward B

    9 10.23%
  • ded

    22 25.00%
  • Mistermike

    1 1.14%
  • Tomercs

    32 36.36%
  • scorge

    48 54.55%
  • warburton

    1 1.14%
  • ashess

    1 1.14%
  • Erzebeth

    1 1.14%
  • Lander

    8 9.09%
  • SpiralHorn

    0 0%
  • janubee

    3 3.41%
  • Rob Powell

    17 19.32%
  • GammaGrey

    2 2.27%
  • penciltipred

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    C.O.W. #248, Valhalla Gatekeeper . VOTING

    C.O.W. #248 Valhalla Gatekeeper_Voting!



    Topic: Valhalla Gatekeeper

    Deadline for the voting: February 22nd

    Requirements this week...

    - the creature should be able to block the path to Valhalla, which means it could be large and broad, or physically powerful enough to stop even the mightiest warriors.

    - the creature design should have a Nordic aesthetic.
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    Artist: Nightherald

    Concept: Land Kraken
    The Land Kraken, also called The Third eye of Odin, is an enslaved beast watching over the gates of Valhalla. It is said that come Ragnarok, the beast will tear free of the magic that binds it, and be set loose upon the Aesir it once protected; and when the battle is done descend into the oceans of Midgard, taking the place of Jormungand as Lord of the deeps.

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    Artist: & k o r

    Concept: Horgrund Wind of Frost

    Horgrund Wind of Frost is an ancient ice beast who was defeated by Odin in a great battle long time ago. Now, he has been slaved and is forced to guard the entrance of Valhalla for ever.
    Attached Images
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    Artist: Duman

    Concept: Stag Of The Ages
    At the edge of the world, where the razor wind blows, stands the gate to Valhalla, where no living soul goes.
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    Artist: Grenogs

    Concept: Harpeagle

    Harpeagles are considered one of odin's most treasured pets. These vile and ferocious creatures are born killers. Being born blind, they have to rely on their other senses to survive. Throughout life these creatures have no sight, so the parents themselves will literally leave the nest once the eggs are laid. Approximately 6-8 eggs are laid, but due to lack of any kind of food or any kind of parenting, the stronger chicks will sooner or later attack, kill and eat the smaller and weaker of their siblings, finally by the time they are strong enough to leave the nest there will only be one surviver, and its these survivors which are then reared and used as the gate keepers of Valhalla. But its not just their ferocity and survival instincts that Harpeagles are admired for, due to their blindness, and their other senses being far stonger than normal creatures they don't see the facade that most of us mere mortals see in one another, but instead they sense something deeper, the true worth of man. So only those who are a worthy and a true warrior may enter Valhalla.

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    Artist: Sony

    Concept: Musoxins

    Valhalla is a Hall in Asgard and belongs to Odin, he rides eight legged horse and have two ravens. These raved have civilization of ravens under them appoint by them; to point out any suspected warrior especially ghost (their extreme rivals) trying to enter Valhalla. They mourn and cry for help from the mighty beasts of thuds (Musoxins) to push the entrant back. Valhalla have 560 doors so 900 warrior can enter at a time and these Valhalla gate keepers are breed for this function they attack in packs and thud the giants backward, unless a potential or powerful giant tries to enter which is taken care by some warrior from Valhalla, The eat Mistletoe.

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    Artist: B-Lister

    Concept: Barricade
    The Barricade was created when Odin needed a gatekeeper to prevent people on Midgard from entering Valhalla; without first earning the right in battle. It is a combination of one drop of the all-fathers blood, the skeletal remains of the most powerful beasts on Midgard, and a handful of soil to keep the beast tethered to the realm.
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    Artist: Kaimera

    Concept: The Golem of Valhalla
    The Golem of Valhalla is one of Odins strongest creations. Forged from the blood and earth of fallen warriors, this golem is a fearsom demon to behold. Infused with magic and entrusted as the gatekeeper of Valhalla, the golem itself is a door to Valhalla. A traveling demon door that journeys underground collecting the fallen and strong enough to keep out the unworthy.

    Note: I posted before, It didnt post I dont know if it had an error but if it shows up as a double post, please delete the other post and keep this one. Thanks.

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    valhalla gatekeeper

    Artist: Kristo Novo

    Concept: Agmundr

    sleeping down in the earth - only awakes when lost living or the dead arrives.
    his huge dimensions don´t let him be slow - he dashes forward in seconds and has no
    mercy with whom who is not allowed to reach valhalla

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    Artist: daniorrr

    Concept: Four Winged Red Dragon?
    Tamed by Odin, this great creature now stands guard at the gates of Valhalla.
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    Artist: EdwardB

    Concept: Kraken
    By the gates of Valhalla the kraken stands vigil, denying any undeserving acess to the halls of heroes.

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    a mashup between owl and mammoth, made by Loki. big eyes for scanning visitors and incinerating unqualified ones, big body suitable for blocking the path, in case if jotuns are attacking

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    Artist: Mistermike

    Concept: The Baulith

    This immense creature was once considered an enemy of Asgard, having been born from the same kin as trolls and giants. However it was defeated by Odin and now serves as the Gate keeper to the hall of the gods. Towering over any who would challenge it, only the most worthy may pass.

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    Artist: Tomercs

    Concept: Smárak - Rakklæti Varðhundr
    Rakklæti Varðhundr literally translates as "courage watchdog". Smárak has no eyes or ears, but senses the souls of men. If a man's soul is pure and courageous he will enter into the realm of Valhalla. Those not worthy, or pure of heart will be blocked by Smárak. The gate to Valhalla is vast but narrow, to stop Smárak and other monsters from entering the great hall.

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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Gudramulv Guardian
    Brute strength, raw power. These words are minor in comparison to the terror of Valhalla who wards off those who do not belong in its hallowed halls. Created as a personal bodyguard for and by Odin himself, The Gudramulv Guardian was found to be better suited for watching over Valhalla.
    (Credit for the name goes to Blitzfenix of Deviantart)
    Check it out
    Blog, we've all got em:
    Creatures Galore!
    Full gallery o'

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