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    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Hi all, it's been many years since i last posted.
    After working at some studios, i went into teaching, into my 5th year at teaching now at a local interactive & digital media school.
    I miss studio work, although at the same time i enjoy teaching, sharing and guiding my students. I have around 140 students to teach per week, that's around 8 classes of students. I touch mainly on colour theories, drawing fundamentals, digital matte paintings and I like to run my Painting Workshops as an extra class outside of school time.

    Just sharing some of my recent works. I am still practicing.

    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    This my demo painting for workshops i held for my students, as a extra class i hold outside of modules, since the school doesn't have. I try to hold often for students who are keen to learn.
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Demo painting on character design for game targeted
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Workshop demo on background painting.
    What I'll do is i gave every student 2 pieces of paper to write in a topic of their own choice, have all dump their ideas into a bowl, lucky draw a few. They will paint the scenery base on the combinations of the different ideas and come up with an original background. It is more spontaneous and makes them paint outside their comfort zone, for me as well.
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    A painting demo I did on using suggestions and textures to create an illusion of scene.
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    This was done to explain sketching through tonal to come up with ideas.
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Simple Background demo, talking about colour temperature
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    And really foundamental yet important stuff of what i teach to year 1 students on colour theories ( bare with me )
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Usually how my workshops topics will be like
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Personal works, fish monger cat
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    I've been practicing on my zbrush
    Recent Works & Workshops Paintings

    Apologize for the dump. Just 3 days ago. I had the chance to attend a Master Design Workshop together with my students by Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Sang Jun Lee & Feng Zhu, it was really insightful to see these people talk.

    I see lots of great art here!, I can still recall old times here at CA.
    Thanks for checking.
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    Beautiful colors and figures. These are very well rendered.
    My Sketchbook: Criticisms and Feedback needed

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
    Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu

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    good stuff

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    ShawnYe: Thank you for posting that colors cube actually helped me a lot with one of my most recent paintings:

    here is the link i hope you dont mind me sharing it here, i know some people don't like that, i basically tried to use color instead of black lines for where light hits directly, following
    the cube as an example.

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    Beautiful work ShawnYe! It's very nice to see you posting again.
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    Those are amazing, very helpful tutorial too.

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    Bless you for pouring so much effort into teaching your students! I'm surprised the school even lets you teach outside of your classes...I would think they want to make money from everything they can.

    If only my school had me going to classes with people like Kekai. He's one of my favs.

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