Character of the Week #277
Time Assassin

Design an assassin character who travels back and forth in time

Check your timezone!

In the 42nd Century a secret agency is formed and tasked with sending highly trained assassins through time. Their targets are chosen so that their deaths alter aspects of the timeline in an attempt to avoid major catastrophes.

These Time Assassins work alone, slipping from one destination to another, rarely ever returning to their period of origin. Without backup or support from the Agency, Assassins must survive however they can, often having to repair gear or replace clothes with whatever they can find in the era they are in. As a result, they often look completely mismatched, with styles and technology from both past and future civilisations.

Your task is to design one of these assassins. Think carefully about their life; how they kill their targets; what eras they may have already been to; do they keep any trophies from each kill? Also think about their technology; how do they receive new orders?; or travel from one time to another?

Remember that these characters are assassins; they operate on secrecy and discretion. They are smart and calculating and can make use of anything they find.

The Guidelines:
  • Can be Male OR Female
  • Can be any style or genre
  • Consider multiple eras when designing tech and attire
  • It must be clear that they travel through TIME!
  • Consider how long they have been doing this job.
  • Think carefully about the weapons an assassin might use

In addition to the brief, if you do not follow these rules, you will not be included in the poll.
  • Files must be named: CHoW#277_Username 
(Files with any other names such as final.jpg or even chow277final.jpg will not be accepted)
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread BEFORE the deadline
  • Final post must include the CHoW number and the artists username at the bottom of the image
  • At least 3/4 of the focus character must be visible
  • Final images must be accompanied with a basic character sheet in a separate image
Character sheets should at the very least show a sketch of the front and back of the character and a couple of early thumbnails/silhouettes.
  • Follow the brief!