Creature Concept Design(critique wanted)

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    Icon Creature Concept Design(critique wanted)

    Hi, Newbie here again
    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this!
    Since my last post here i managed to get some really helpful and great critique and advice when it comes to monster creation,
    This was a creature i came up with yesterday, originally drawn in my sketchbook and then re-drawn with my tablet in sketchbook pro.
    Theme: Head Hunter
    Monster background info: This species of monster are actually called tyflós (greek for 'blind') but nicknamed "head hunters"
    Standing nearly 10 feet tall, with enough power to crush a lorry, the tyflós are dedicated carnivores and enjoy munching on human skulls in their spare time.
    They are blind and rely only on their advanced sense of smell and sound (though main sense is focused on the nose)
    They can also sometimes be controlled and used as 'bodyguards' and/or bounty hunters for powerful demons.
    This is still a work in progress, yes it will be a bit more developed in the future (: I did a lot of studies and development of ideas for the head, body, background info etc all in my actual sketchbook and not in my computer, I would really appreciate any constructive critique, comments, thoughts, advice etc!

    P.S, This is a SKETCH, no where near finished, it's a rough idea i wanted to sketch out so i wouldn't forget when i come back to it later, it's a rough draft and isn't meant to be perfect.
    Name:  HEAD HUNTER2.jpg
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