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    Do Companies Scan Art or Want Files Delivered?

    For jobs, do companies expect traditional work to be scanned by the artist so all the artist submits for deadline is a file? Or do companies want artists to mail the original art so the company can scan and color correct to their needs?


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    Keep in mind what the final results of your work will be.

    I think that for corporate work meant to be delivered to a client, only an idiot would provide traditional art. There's so many opportunities for people to insist on small changes and tweaks that are trivial to do in digital work, but might require a traditional piece to be redone completely.

    Even if you're printing stuff for yourself, these companies want to be bing-bang-done with your work as soon as they've processed it for their own needs. Digital files are cheaper all the way around in that regard -- they don't need shipping costs, they can't be damaged or lost, they don't have to be returned, and they don't take up space after they're done.

    When in doubt, ask the company how they want it to be provided. I'm pretty sure they'll all just ask for files -- they may want certain types of files, or even with certain profiles / resolutions and sizes, but in the end, it's still all files.

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    You ask what kind of a deliverable the company wants, for each contract you work on.

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    In my experience when i've been doing designs and illustrations for companies they'd ask for psd files or originals.
    But as Conniekat said depends on the client
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    From my experience with individual clients, they always asked for a psd file. Someone wanted originals but I was mostly asked to send the art work in psd format.

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    I work traditionally, and I can't remember the last time I sent a client an original piece of art. Generally, I can do a much better job scanning or shooting something myself, and being in charge of the cleanup and color correction, than you're going to get at a service bureau, even with much more high end equipment, because I know exactly how it should look.

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