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    the human anatomy studies.

    what exactly am i supposed to study ?, i have links to pictures of the human anatomy like skelatel structure, muscles e.t.c but dont see what exactly i am supposed to be studying. Any help would be great, also links.lots of links.


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    from what i understand about human anatomy, it is the propotions of the bones, structure and how movement and muscle is created.
    It is realy important to me for Proportions
    Unfortunatly i dont have links since i ahva a huge book on human and animal anatomy here.

    Cheak the references

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    I think the idea is two fold. First, by having a firm grasp of the underlying anatomy of a figure, when you're drawing a figure from life you can make a more educated guess about what's going on in areas you can't quite make out. Second, it allows you to construct a figure from your head. Knowledge of how the structures of the figure interract are essential, especially when constructing a figure in a very dynamic pose.

    I'm taking an anatomy workshop this summer with Marshall Vandruff. He lists some books on his website you might want to check out. I particularly like his first suggestion:

    THE HUMAN FIGURE by David K. Rubins is inexpensive, complete and comprehensible. It shows all the bones and muscles with clear illustrations. I learned anatomy mainly from this book. It has the advantage that it is printed on cheap paper that takes colored pencils so you can go through it and "color code" all the muscles. By the time you've gone through the whole book and colored the deltoids red and the biceps yellow, you get fairly familiar with them.
    This sounds like a cool idea and I'm going to try to find that book and start color coding.
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