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    Is SCAD a good school?


    Recently I've been looking at art schools and I got accepted into SCAD and was offered a five-thousand dollar scholarship. I've heard a lot of positive things about SCAD, but I've also heard some negative things. I've heard and seen some talented SCAD students say they liked the school and got a lot out of it and that it was worth the money (not to mention seen some people who had friends who went to SCAD who ended up with some pretty good jobs in the art field), while some other former students said they made a mistake. Overall, it seems like I'm getting a "mixed bag" vibe depending on who I talk to.
    Part of the reason I had my eyes on SCAD was because I heard they had a fantastic Sequential Arts program and they had ties to Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc. and helped you make connections and internships while teaching you a great deal (plus, I can't find many other schools in my current state that have sequential art programs like SCAD's).
    I heard it can be very hard work, but since I'm going to be a transfer I can't really say that late-nights or spending hours upon hours working on difficult assignments is anything new to me. I am willing to work very hard to succeed and I know it won't be a walk in the park, but I just want to know if SCAD will be a good choice. I know it's an expensive school, but what is SCAD like now? Is the Sequential Art program worth it? I want to go, but the general vibe I'm getting is something along the lines of, "SCAD can be a really helpful place where you learn a lot but if you make a few wrong steps you can toast yourself."
    And helpful comments would be greatly appreciated (also, I'm thinking of attending SCAD Savannah campus so any comments about that would be great as well).
    Also, I've already heard stuff about buses constantly being late and parking being hell and crime, but that's not entirely new to me either. I really want to know if SCAD will help prepare students for a future in the art world and teach them what they really need to know while making connections (and, yes, I realize it is also up to students to determine how they will succeed and whatnot).
    Thank you.

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    I've been thinking of applying to SCAD for the Sequential Arts program myself. The difference for me is that It would be online, as I am not in a position to actually move and physically attend the school. Like you I've heard both good and bad about the school. I think it's going to come down to the personal commitment level you put into it. Like everything else, If you do enough to just get by, you will get an average response (in this case education). If you go all out and push yourself you will achieve better results. In the end it's not about the education, but the artwork you can create. Someone once told me "The portfolio is what will get you hired. The degree just shows the employers that you can finish something that you have started."

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    Hi Mechanical!

    My situation is similar, though slightly different, than yours. I previously graduated with an undergraduate degree unrelated to art. If I were to pursue a formal education in art, one of the schools I would consider is SCAD. Yesterday I spoke with someone in admissions and after explaining my situation, they said I would be able to apply to either their undergraduate or graduate program.

    This came as a surprise, though it shouldn't. If everything I was told could be taken at face value, it seems that if your portfolio is sufficiently strong, you could have a bachelors degree in animal husbandry, for all it mattered. Even then, you would still be a competitive candidate for their MFA program. It seems even for advancing the academic credential ladder, the portfolio trumps the degree.

    How this applies to you is that the emphasis should definitely remain on building a strong portfolio, as dmccombs3 stated, and not the framed diploma. If you feel that SCAD can provide you with the mentors and tools necessary to reach new levels, then that's something promising. If you haven't had the opportunity but are able to do so, I would encourage you to visit the school and talk with students currently in the sequential art program. That visit could make or break the deal, rather quickly. Maybe you will find some students on the forums, hopefully! Hope this helps, though I know it probably wasn't the reply you were hoping for.

    Good luck!

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