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    dino_tron requires user input

    Hello, I'm sorta new here. I've lurked quite a bit, on and off, but I've decided to make the jump and create a sketchbook.

    I hope you'll give me some constructive feedback. Please, be mean!

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    Gesture sketches

    Great start, I can see your sketches are free and loose, which is great for gestures. Keep it up! Cheers, Magic.
    What's taters precious? Po - tay - toes!

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    You have a lot of messy lines, which signify you're really unsure about your mark making. This will get better with practice, but try to be more confident. Get on posemaniacs and do some timed drawings, I think you can set it for 30 seconds or a minute. This will force you to try to make a few marks as possible in order to get the whole drawing finished in time. Focus more on the gesture of the pose rather than the details.

    Pay attention to proportions, the angles of parts in relation to each other, and negative space.

    Don't just focus on the torsos Torsos are easy. Focus more on the hard parts, the hands, feet and heads. BUT, draw the whole figure.

    Download these books, read them, and use them to practice.

    Good start so far, it's nice to see some dynamic poses.

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    I saw you posted in the anatomy studying thread which is why you have started on torsos

    I really like your form, you seem to have a nice eye for the roundness and organic shapes of the human form.

    I agree with SpiralHorn with your lines. These will come with time and perhaps try what he suggested.

    I hope that you are using some sort of construction method to create your figures as well? I can't tell from this sketch but understanding the bones and muscles underneath the skin and how to construct these in a proportional way will help you with your figure drawing A LOT so don't forget about that

    Keep posting!

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