I SAW THE SKY is a short animated film that I've working for a couple of months now, its about a world where the is sky blacked out and the sun never shines.. the main character (Lisa) is a young girl who dies after being imprisoned by strange human like creatures that destroyed the cities of the earth and imprisoned all humanity, she is then resurrected after a couple of decades... and the rest you will find out. Pics of some of work iv been doing the city scape is fig 10 in the story board.

And this is lisa the main character

This is where the original idea for the for the enviroment came from, its an old WIP of mine and the full city will look a bit like this.

A story board of scene 1

I'm about to start working on the bedroom from fig 1-9 This is an idea of what I want it to look like, the animations set in the future by the way.