Sketchbook: An Inquisition For Improvement
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Thread: An Inquisition For Improvement

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    An Inquisition For Improvement

    Hello ConceptArt! I've discovered I've spent too much time lurking these forums and looking at/reading about art that I haven't actually made anything! So I've decided to start a sketchbook. Maybe it'll motivate and encourage me enough to actually improve.

    My ultimate goal is to improve in all areas, but especially in anatomy and color. Mainly why I'm doing this is not only to drastically improve, but to prepare a portfolio for college. I'm really looking for improvement, so I hope you'll all give brutally honest critiques. I don't think my art is where it should be!

    I guess a little info would be helpful: I'm currently in high school, and I hope to pursue animation as a major/career.

    And here's a list of things I hope to accomplish/post:

    Figure drawings (I'm starting sessions in February-- I've never done this before!)
    Oil studies and finished paintings
    Still life drawings/paintings
    Studies/thumbnails of scenes from films
    Other random stuff

    I hope to update regularly. If I don't, please yell at me.

    Here's some recent work:

    This is a still life of some shells I'm working on with colored pencils. It's not actually this yellow-- the lights in my house are just yellow.

    A portrait I made to practice painting looser and to understand color more. I still think I need to push the colors I use a bit more, and my anatomy needs some work. The eyes are censored to maintain privacy, but I accidentally made the right eye severely deformed. P:
    5 hours.

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