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    contracting question: average turn around time for payment?

    hey everybody,
    random question that's been on my mind that i realize might be something some of you can help with.

    first lemme say that i've been super thankful for any job i get contracted out to do. the issue i'm having is that recently it's been taking more than a month to turn around an invoice or to get things beyond an approval process with some of the studios i've worked with. with smaller studios i generally form an agreement with them and sign an NDA and present my own payment terms but these bigger studios have their own contracts for me to sign that don't cover any late fees or mention much in regards to a turn around time. i feel as though i'm going to lose the client if i make too many waves about these issues. i'm always looking for more work but this seems to keep happening.

    the average turnaround for my payment seems to be roughly one and a half to two months after i've done the work for these studios. i make decent money but if i need it to stretch for twice as long just to receive the next payment it's becoming almost impossible to set my taxes aside or build a buffer up even with more than one client. how do ya'll do it?

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    Usually fume.

    My own contracts have a net 30, with late fees. That are usually ignored. And I can't afford to fight about it.

    Anyone have ideas?

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    I had a major contract last year that took 90 days to pay, a smaller more recent one that only took 14. It varies.

    The publishing industry demands tons of work in tight deadlines, but is slow to pay, that's just the way it is it seems. Also seems like freelancers are the last to get paid.

    Also, some companies projects are subcontracted through other companies, which will gum up the works as well.

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    I've also have a net amount of items but at this point it's more trouble for me as the contractor. i've created ~x3 times the net but it seems as though it'll take months to receive the money i earned. it's backlogged and my 3 month buffer of savings has been depleted as was my tax savings. the way it looks now though with how long the payments are spanned it's barely able to pay the bills. i've been having a lot of trouble getting sympathy from family, being told that i ought to just apply to retail jobs in the "mean time." the thing is that i work full time, i earn 100-300 a day depending on my workload. from the way i'm paid it seems to span ~500 dollars a month once i do the math and stretch that small chunk over months. unless the pay schedule didn't take 2 months to get paid for a weeks worth of work. wow that's depressing...

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