Sketchbook: When I grow up, I wanna be a comic artist ...
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Thread: When I grow up, I wanna be a comic artist ...

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    When I grow up, I wanna be a comic artist ...

    Actually, at 25 I'm as tall as I'm ever going to be, but my art skills could use an additional growth spurt or two.
    I'm as self-taught as they come - I've been doodling for most of my life and then five years back a penny dropped in my mind and I started to hoard art books and read and read and read whatever I could lay my hands on. (I might have neglected the part, where you sit down and draw ... )

    I do however want to make my own comic - it is an old dream, that keeps coming back to the surface. An idea and a first draft of a story are waiting to be put to paper and I already have a pretty solid concept of what it should look like.

    The problem is, that I'm simply not there yet. I'm one of those incredibly nit-picky gals, who could cry for hours over a finished picture, because it didn't come out exactly the way it should have. It didn't help to spend half a year with weekly access to some of the most amazing art museums I've ever visited.

    So, you masters of conceptArt ... honor me with your comments and critiques and help me grow, so that I shall worship you forever.

    Ahem ... more art follows in the next post ...

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