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Thread: E.O.W Round #181: Centaur Rendezvous Point

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    Hi neilpa, i like the vertical comp, think it turns the Rendez point much "stronger", on the right side you could create some big lines of mountains making a diagonal that draws the eye into the "portal".

    On the foreground where the centaur is it would be nice if he doesnt touched the edge so much as it is. And perhaps adding some more rock formations and small vegetation.

    have fun.
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    revenbo: nice
    Luis Gama: excelent idea

    I wanted to make the scene as if it could happen in real world. The terrain is pretty much typical for Greece. Composition should support the feeling of meeting place with all the shapes and lines leading to the center, where centaurs gather.

    *EDITED* after reading some comments

    My FINAL:
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    What a beautiful and great idea, Luis Gama. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Wheeljack18: that's great! More on the illustration side but no problem for me. Maybe desaturating the surroundings a bit and increasing color variation and contrast on the focal of the entrance could help pointing that out. You could also try to push the perspective of the door a bit, its more of a frontal view while the rock is not. I love your centaurs!

    Howie: great entry, I love the paintery look and the centaurs look really well done. You could try to vary color saturation and hue a bit around the canvas to enhance your focals. The light coming from behind the trees in the background is dope.

    deep city lights: Great texture and atmosphere. I miss some unified darks and some hard edges to bind the piece up a bit.

    Kvenh: Really great thumbs, I hope we see some more of your progress!

    Pixeltuner: Color and texture that excites the eye. Lovely wips, the perspective of the centaur is a bit off compared to the mushrooms there but easily fixed!

    merl1n: I love the traditional look of this. The blown out warms on the bottom right corner attract the eye away from the focal. Pushing the warms on the totem(?) would create a very interesting contrast with the cools of the sea and background. Very good sense of value on the background islands btw.

    revenebo: I love both your entries. The second one would really benefit if you used some atmospheric perspective to wash out the tones of the repeating elements that go to the horizon line. The first one is very detailed and well done. You seem to have treated every element like a separate object and that gives great edges and detail but could end up confusing the eye and make the image look more collage-like and not unified.

    Luis Gama: Probably my favorite entry this far. Very nice atmosphere and masterful play with texture and warm-cool proximity. The sense of depth on the sides is very strong and diminishes in the middle where the image looks more flat. Not necessarily bad, since it gives the piece an animation feel that I find quite pleasing.

    I hope those crits were constructive, keep in mind that I commented on the pieces I really liked to begin with.

    Managed to invest some more time on this one too:
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    Awesome stuff guys...

    still a wip, those rocks are bugging atm, though they are just kinda slapped on there with no compositional, atmospheric depth. The God beams are sort of a placeholder atm.

    Dunno if I'll finish, but I'll try.
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    Another great round with lots of entries.

    My final.
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    Cairn I find the middle one most interesting

    Sean Mclaine looks alright, still feels alittle blurry... but maybe thats part of the process you're using

    Howie the trees in the back are too uniform, perhaps add some interest or slightly change the hue of some of the trees

    Rob Powell change up the hues abit and provide some overlap for those stones and finish that image it's a goddam order!

    albino-z pretty, could use a centaur or 2 just for the hell of it... but mostly because it doesn't scream meeting place to me.

    All Eow is looking good of late... keep working on it you'll get there
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    Updated WIP

    Decided to go ahead with the vertical composition. Added more elements to bring the eye towards the tower. Still lots more to do, not sure i've got the time between now and the deadline though.

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    Good works everyone!

    Trying to finish these one EOW either, i didn't paint any enviro for a loooong time already- hope it won't looks as a total poo at the end
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    Had to try this one, FINAL.
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    Almost done Just realized we have til Wednesday (thought it was Monday lol), so I'll try to do more with it. I'll make comments soon too, but I gotta go run and catch the bus now haha
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    I love everybody's work thus far!!!! Honestly!

    since this topic was posted last week i;ve been trying to figure out what to do,
    its funny how most of us have the same ideas and decide to deviate from our first instinctive trail of thought, constantly evolving.

    so finally i started today, about 6+ hours so far, yeah i'm slow LOL
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