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    Concept Art: illustration to concept artist?


    I don't really know what im asking but I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips/ideas on what the process is for becoming more focused and specialised in this field currently im doing graphics at university on a foundation and next year I should be going onto a full degree focused on illustration.

    Essentially it has always been my idea to go into concept art and I would like to think I have the individual style and drive for that kind of career. I will upload some of my work as soon as I can find some pieces I am confident enough in to show, if anyone could share there experiences, information if they have gone down a similar path I would be beyond grateful I'm at that point where I'm doubting what I should be doing if I'm going to try this seriously. I know I need to specialise soon (not as part of my course but rather so that I can concentrate on improving specifics) as of now I'm a bit of an all round artist/designer I have used a huge amount of different techniques and processes, I guess I'm just looking for some direction! I'm so baffled with careers and the thought of actually having to grow up

    (let me know if I've gotten the forums mixed up this is my first post :/ )

    - B10H

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    Actually the most important thing is to share some of your work with us. Right now nobody can seriously tell you anything, we don't know what kind of graphics you did at what university, what specializations you mean, how far you are skilled in drawing and how much you already know about drawing (=all the rules you need to learn for drawing). Right now all I can tell you:
    Never worry about style. Style comes automatically and usually isn't a criterium for concept artists, style matters if you are a classic artist that tries to earn his money through selling his pictures, and even then, basics and knowledge comes first. Also, being an artist means to be able to draw everything. Learn to draw as much as possible in as many ways as possible.

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