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Thread: E's Journey

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    E's Journey

    I am Evon Binns and I want to be an 3 months. So I am already 3 weeks in and going through the basics as best I can. I have my resources and a plan. I have until the end of February to gain the ability to call myself an artist and produce 20 pieces adequate enough for an application to an art school. One time deal.

    I have been a long time lurker of these forums (without registering) and I have witnessed the way this community inspires each other to keep improving and pushing forward. So I am hoping to receive a small portion of that support.

    I have been consistently doing 8 hours a day for 4 weeks in my sketchpad (no scanner available to show) and I have just recently transferred to Photoshop with this Matt Kohr tutorial to show.

    Name:  vase.png
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Size:  511.5 KB
    (I goofed the base of the vase something fierce.)

    So yes I have decided to be a man and created this one time opportunity for myself and I must see this all to fruition lest be set back 5 years on my life long of being an artist (in this case a concept/sequential artist).

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    Welcome aboard!
    That's looking wonderful. I'd love to see more stuff when you get it into digital, or new stuff you make!!!

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    Thats a pretty beast vase none the less man. Really liking the lighting in this. Looks so much like a sculpture.

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  5. #4 Try it if you want . Just 10 bucks.

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    Form building

    Name:  Perspective2.png
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    Applying some of that 1 point perspective. My anatomy is not that strong but I am going to try and finish this. I'm kind of amazed at what perspective can do...

    So basically the concept here is "Mission complete and heading home." It is the trip home after a successful mission. The setting would be very early morning as the sky changes from night to day. The captain of the squad is telling them good job after a very difficult and dramatic mission. The kind of mission that had no causalities but near deaths were present for all involved.

    Name:  WIP.png
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Size:  515.9 KB

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    Oct 2011
    Wow, now that's a very admirable goal you have there.

    -And you seem to be doing pretty well so go for it! *cheering*

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    Female Face

    WIP. Trying to work without lines. Feels a bit more visceral to be honest. But idk how this will work for larger more complicated pieces. Gonna see how this turns out and try the piece above some more. Ran into a few difficulties with the faces. Probably just need to take it slow.

    Name:  Capture.PNG
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Size:  134.1 KB.

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    great studies! subscribed! Can' wait to see more!

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    WIP Face

    Name:  Capture.PNG
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Size:  403.8 KB
    Hmm something is off

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    Sep 2010
    Great start im trying to get into art school too

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    Trying out some colour

    Name:  colours.png
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Size:  612.5 KB
    Was tired of all the grey and tried out using some colours. Pretty fun. Purple one i had a ref image with a whole bunch of lights. Stopped looking at it after a while. Tried my best not toget caught up with the details. Learning to let go is not easy...

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    What I lack

    Mostly i lack proper knowledge of the basics. Other than that I need to draw more expressions and more fluid figures. I need to "feel" it more...The biggest thing however is confidence. I know no easy way to do that other than forcing myself to draw and hope for affirmation/confirmation of what i think I can do.

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    Name:  sunglasses.png
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    Name:  sketch.png
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Size:  186.6 KB
    Took a little liberty with the ref and did something else

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    Name:  Untitled-1.png
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Size:  443.8 KB

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    May 2007
    Hey E,

    you're off to a good start. I like the ctrl paint vase study very much.
    I did it too! Keep practicing!


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    Thnx destroyer. I am trying my best almost out of time tho -_-

    I need to do more with these quick sketches...

    Name:  Untitled-1.png
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Size:  170.3 KB

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