Hey everyone! I just wanted to show a few pictures I took from my end of the year Sophmore review at College for Creative Studies. This review is mostly geared towards product design, but I threw some illustration work in there as well.

This first image is my entire review space. I really lucked out in that I got a nice area right next to a bunch of windows to let sunlight in.

Here is panel #1. This is a project I did in my first semester, first quarter Design Theory class. We had to make a product to benefit the blind, and this is a automatic toothpaste dispenser! Of course, sighted people can use it too

Panel #2. The top piece is a 180 degree view of our car garage in curvalinear perspective, this was done in pictoral problem solving 2nd semester. Below that is a drawing from visual communication, also second semester. Then there's two views of a lawn tractor from first semester product, seperated by my class schedule. Lastly there's three image boards from my second semester design theory kinetic sculpture project.

Panel #3. These are all boards from my second semester product class. We had to make a asian-influenced toy for the american market. Basically I wanted to do something really posable that had a screw in the back you could tighten to lock it into a pose for all the anime geeks out there I also wanted it to be a diecent alternative to barbie or whatever other dolls are out there.

Table #3. The model from the toy project, as well as all my sketches and renderings for it, in books.

Table #2. The tractor model and the toothpaste dispenser, both with sketch books.

Table #1 just had more books on it, nothing worth showing

This is one of my kenetic sculptures that was included in my review, but this image is from a seperate presentation. This one has a long story behind it, but in short it represents school violence and how the bad things that can happen (arson, shootings, graffiti) can outweigh the good things, thus showing how the balance is offset.

Another sculpture. Basically just a pump attached to hoses and a cut open smirnoff bottle, making the fan spin.

close-up of the action figure. This was my first time sculpting anything! I made it in super sculpy, and I'm pretty happy with out it turned out, though now I wish I had more time to work on it some more.

here's the back. I want to try and make another this summer.

And that's about it for my pics, I want to post the tractor model I made but I don't have pics of that yet, so I'll try to do that tomarrow. Please, any crits or comments are welcome!