Sketchbook: Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
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Thread: Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

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    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

    There are months your brain gets pelted with spectacular commodity dictating
    even the smallest crap you should do. Your brain freezes over and gets as
    exciting as the landscape a mole looks at for the bigger part of his life. In
    these dark hours you forget that you used to move around, breath and
    actually do stuff. One of these things I used to do was art.
    This morning I deleted all the video games, movies and series from my laptop.
    I stripped my room from a lot of everyday distractions, dusted off my art
    books and sharpened my pencil. While cleaning my room I even found some
    paper that I somehow managed to keep immaculate.

    In short, it is time to do some art. After four years of fucking around it is time
    to actually do some studies, improve and all in all become the awesome
    person I was destined to be. I used to have a sketchbook on this website
    which worked as a great motivator. If I can keep this sketchbook updated
    daily it means I'm progressing daily, if not, I suck.


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