Back in the day, I used to post monthly interviews that I conducted with other artists. I took a break from it to work on my own stuff for a little while but, today, I’m back to my old tricks and have posted an interesting interview acrylic painter called Nathan Spoor. You should have a read because his work is something special.

You can and should read the interview "HERE." Please enjoy and share it.

Here are some of his paintings:

But at the blog, you can find some realy great interviews with the likes of Keith Thompson, Wayne Barlowe, John Howe and also, in the coming months, I have an interview coming up with SPARTH and an audio interview with Greg Broadmore.

Hopefully, I will pluck up the courage to interview's founding bossman, Jason Manley and try to catch Andrew Jones before he goes off again on one of his digital cosmic journeys.

Enjoy, share and lets have a productive 2012!