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    sketchbook: starting from square one

    new to art, learning from scratch. decided to start with Drawing Heads and Hands by Andrew Loomis. going through the entire book. I have a tablet, though I want to get a grip on traditional before moving to digital.

    criticisms are welcome, I am always looking for ways to improve.

    (entries so far)

    1.3.12 (1)

    focusing mainly on idealistic construction of the head. upward and downward angles give me a lot of trouble, definitely gives me something to work on (time to jump to references). the idea of a simplified skull is very helpful.

    1.3.12 (2)

    a more focused and realistic skull study coupled with Loomis. it's difficult for me to be able to visualize the skull under the skin. I am going to hop on more head work tomorrow.

    1.4.12 (1)

    more focus on skeletal structure beneath the face. experimenting with more dynamic angles; more work later today.

    1.4.12 (2)

    after realizing my construction was seriously lacking, I felt it was necessary to tackle it once more. additionally, my lines have been incredibly hairy, it's a terrible habit when learning. tomorrow, I'll be hoping on more construction with changing angles. setting mini-goals gives me a good idea of what to work towards.

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    Hey, man. I feel your pain. I'm a newbie too and I decided to work on skulls as well. Keep up your good work. I may not know much about art, but I know that anatomical drawings are ALWAYS a good thing.
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