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Thread: Critiques appreciated!

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    Critiques appreciated!

    Hey everyone I was hoping for some portfolio critiques as I am applying for colleges soon. Any words of advice given will be appreciated. I still have some time before I have to submit everything so I will take effort in taking your critiques into account.
    My links don't seem to work so I simply attached them to the post. Sorry for the mix-up.

    I will be uploading some traditional sketches and studies soon.

    I appreciate it!
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    You have a lot of colorful work!

    You said you are applying for colleges, but what type of program will you be applying for? Illustration, etc?

    I can't be sure, but a couple images look as though they were photos you painted over. While it is quick, I would avoid doing so as much as you can, just because I don't think it helps you learn as much, and I've seen some people use that technique as a crutch. Also, obviously make sure that any photo ref you use in that manner was taken by you.

    Maybe try using the hard round brush in PS. I think this will better serve you than using a soft airbrush, which tends to make things look less solid. Your portraits in the first image do look good, but it appears you are using filters. Filters aren't inherently bad, but I think you should hold off playing with those until you've progress further, and have learned how to use them in a way that isn't apparent.

    For variety in your portfolio, I would also try adding more studies, maybe some sketchbook pages, or fundamentals. I suppose it depends on where you are applying. I know in my program we had to take a year of core classes, and then that work was used to gain admittance into our program of choice. That made knowing what to include a bit easier!

    I hope some of these suggestions help you out! Good luck
    Will Schneller

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    Your portraits are all very clearly copies of photos...I'm not sure about the school to which you are applying, but in general most schools prefer to see work done from life. So my suggestion is if you have time try to include more work from life.

    Other than that I think you are using too much black in the shadows of your paintings, so be careful about that. Black is typically bad to use in shadows since it a) flattens the image and b) kills the colour. Shadows actually have a lot of colour to them if you observe from life more (or even photos).

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    Hey thanks for the crit! and Yeah I have used a lot of reference though I do abandon them a ways into the painting. I will work more on that. I haven't thought about the use of black and I will definitely work on that as well. I appreciate it a lot!
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    I think the strongest point in your portfolio right now is that most of these are full color pieces. Filled canvas or full color.

    To add to Andrew's comment, it would be good to add quick gesture type drawings. Just like fill two-four sketchbook pages of gestures while you're people watching and it will make the portfolio a lot stronger.
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